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I read your thread here and feel like your local salon gave you some BAD information. I've had a hair system for almost two years now and I LOVE it.

I was told to deeply condition my hair every day, but to wash and scalp-cleanse only 2x's per week, and to leave the scalp cleaser on my head for ONLY for 2-5 seconds before thoroughly rinsing when I do use it, then condition the hair, and viola! Perfect results--no burns, no issues, nothing negative, just fab, full, vibrant hair with no scalp issues. Your particular scalp may be ultra sensitive to the adhesives and other chemicals used in the process, but they made sure to test me out first before moving forward--no issues for me at all, so I was a go. Anyway--no way in *** you should be scalp-cleansing every time.

Not only would that excessively strip and dry out the hair, but it would also (understandably) harm your delicate scalp. If what you say is accurate, your salon has engaged in malpractice...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My appointment was more embarrassing than successful.Chris & Loretta from Toronto only made jokes about it. it's expensive & challenging but there's other solutions that are similar with a better support team

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