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Don't bother with this type of solution, what they fail to tell you when you go for your free consult and suggest xtrands, its a wig that gets glued to your head that is supposed to match the colour of your natural hair. I didn't know that until after I handed them money or a void cheque which is automatically processed and once its processed its too late, especially after they put the glue and wig on your head and start cutting it and as they are doing that, they have you sign more papers.

So before you think of going this route or doing xtrands, read the fine print, that was my mistake. Its not cheap, unless you have money to blow. Another thing I would suggest new clients to do, is read the reviews about any hair loss option or clinic, another mistake I made was not doing research on this, I was desperate and excited at the same time to get my hair back, except its not even my hair, like I said, its a wig. Your are better off staying bald, but if you are embarrassed by your hair loss, go to a wig shop, its much much cheaper.

The people at hair club are very nice and friendly but as nice as that is, they need to understand customers are spending a lot of money to improve their look and confidence and they should inform the client that the papers you sign is like a contract, meaning once you sign, you have to pay the full amount even if they put the wig on you and style it and your still not happy with the look or feel. Speaking of feel, it'll be obvious that you are wearing a wig especially when you or your girlfriend or wife try to run their fingers through the hair but can't. On a positive note, with the wig on and glued, it looked good in pictures but the feel of it for me was irritating, I wanted to take it off almost right away and eventually I took it off and shaved my head, I feel better not wearing the wig and I'm happy without it, what a waste of money though, I threw everything in the trash. Another thing, they have you come back at least once a week for the next 6 months, that's a lot of money spent on gas also, unless you live close to a hair club, they also give you more products to take care of your fake hair, a lot of time has to be spent in the shower unless you wash your hair in the sink, your water bill will just increase as well.

As you can tell, definitely not happy, you don't get a refund, they will just offer other options, in other words, this is a complete scam and again, a waste of time and money, in my opinion, the employee's at hair club are basically sales people, they will talk so sweet to you and pressure you into one of their services, give you a price for the service and expect payment or a deposit the same day. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Hair Club Pros: Staff are very friendly and welcoming, Place is clean.

Hair Club Cons: There are no refunds, Employees are sales people, No actual doctor on site, Way too expenisve, You dont actually get your hair back.

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Chris Terkalas from the TO office is sooooooo rude!


There are some legitimate concerns in this post. Like Hair Club being expensive.

It is very expensive. And the contract. Yup, once you sign, there is no refund.It does take a while to get used to the feel on the system being on there.BUT I have to say that if you can get used to the feeling of it AND if you can afford $320-$400 per month (that's a big IF)... then it is SOOOOOO nice to have your hair back.

I've spoken about women a lot in some of my comments here on this site but it's more than that.

In any situation - at your job, at the gym, with a woman, any business situation - hair beats no hair every time.It's very unfortunate that HCM has to employee shady sales techniques because they have a life-changing product. If I could no longer be an HCM client I would seriously have to consider how much worth my life would have moving forward.


Bald men are sexier & sophisticated...fake hair is not!

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