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xstrands are tied onto your own hair to fill in thinning hair. You do not need to pay almost $ 3,000.

The Xstrands fall or grow out In just a few months. Please do not fall for the line, "The Hair Club appointment is like a day at the spa.". It is knot. Get it, KNOT, and the Xstrands knots are not worth almost $3,000.

Staff comes on very strong appealing to your vulnerability about having thin hair.

Beware! Just buy a Laser comb, use Minoxydil, take a supplement with pygeum, stinging nettle, and saw palmetto from a vitamin store, (check with your doctor-this supplement is not a medicine) and a revitalizing shampoo and conditioner, and don't give your hard earned money to Hair Club.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm so glad I read these review. I'm not going to waste my time and money.


I was planning to look into this but the reviews are so bad I think I will stay away. I have spent 45 minutes researching and reading reviews--I was hopeful but think I will skip it. Thanks for reviews.


I wasted so many thousands of dollars with hair club and saw zero progress. It really is a big waste of money


I'm not sure what the point of this review is. Hair Club never claims that this is a permanent solution.

In fact, their website is quite clear that it's temporary and needs monthly maintenance visits to tie on new hairs as the anchor hairs falls off. The only thing I learned from this review is that the cost is $3000. But the reviewer doesn't state the cost of maintenance visits. Nor the reasons for his/her dissatisfaction.

Did the hairs not stay anchored? Did it look unnatural?

Was the procedure uncomfortable? As for whether it's worth it, that's subjective.


At 30 yrs old my thinning hair was a bother to me,I had a transplant from the back to the front my friends called me young *** as that is how it looked. Growing it long looked even worse.

Now at 53 I keep it cut very short stay in very good shape and get more woman now then in my 30s. The work I had done was a mistake,if your self-conscious change your life style .

@Charles Orlando

U get more woman now (?) because you use dating websites

@Charles Orlando

"Get more woman now..."Since "woman" is singular, can I surmise that your single female partner has gained weight? So the effect of you staying is shape is that your woman got obese?


Shouldn’t there be a class action law suit against hairclub by now?


A lawsuit based on what?


I watched the vid....Looks like they are ventilating new strands onto the clients hair strands...Instead of lace...ie: wig making. This poses the very real issue of new growth.

Soon as the hair grows...Assuming the clients hair grow the average of 1/2 in a month.....Or more for fast growers, or less for slow growers.....Three months time and it's over. It will need to be redone. Or accept it as temporary.... Ie: want to look good for a wedding...And call it a one time expense.

Go simpler....Lace wigs. Much cheaper and with proper care...Will last for years.

Signed, A lace wig maker.


The website is quite honest that you need monthly or bimonthly visits for maintenance, ie additional strands as the anchor hairs fall off.


Women get extensions and have for years. This is no different.

Celebs and actresses of all races pay about 50-70k a year on hair.

You can keep that.

Gray for a TV or movie actor not a regular person. You can do grafts for just over twice the price and they will keep growing.


Great for TV........


Except that grafts don't always work. And you have to wait about 9 to 12 months to find out. If you're one of the unlucky ones, you just wasted $12,000.

@Maluthra Poo

I was one of those unlucky ones but paid 7, 000 for disappointing results!! Nothing is guaranteed,not even with all these advances!!


Thank GOD I came across this review. I planned on calling them this morning for a consultation for this Xtrands.

After reading how the process worked and watching the video on their website, I still did not understand how they got the actual hairs to stick. And I honestly thought this type of procedure would be $500 MAX bc it only lasts a month. And no mention of a maintenance fee.

Absolutely ridiculous they charge thousands of dollars for this ***. They should be ashamed of themselves.


I actually have a positive experience with Xstrands. First of all I look great and the alopecia is concealed while trying the vitamins and the laser comb.

Before Hair Club I could no longer hide my scalp. For me it is life changing and worth the financial sacrifice.


I got 50 knots [free sample] done today (200 hairs), and atleast 4 knots have already fallen out today. Not sure if it's worth it.


Did you lose your own hair along with the knots?


I hope so I am excited going on Tuesday to get mine installed lol. I can't wait.

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