xstrands are tied onto your own hair to fill in thinning hair.You do not need to pay almost $ 3,000.

The Xstrands fall or grow out In just a few months. Please do not fall for the line, "The Hair Club appointment is like a day at the spa.". It is knot. Get it, KNOT, and the Xstrands knots are not worth almost $3,000.

Staff comes on very strong appealing to your vulnerability about having thin hair.

Beware!Just buy a Laser comb, use Minoxydil, take a supplement with pygeum, stinging nettle, and saw palmetto from a vitamin store, (check with your doctor-this supplement is not a medicine) and a revitalizing shampoo and conditioner, and don't give your hard earned money to Hair Club.

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At 30 yrs old my thinning hair was a bother to me,I had a transplant from the back to the front my friends called me young pussy as that is how it looked.Growing it long looked even worse.

Now at 53 I keep it cut very short stay in very good shape and get more woman now then in my 30s.The work I had done was a mistake,if your self-conscious change your life style .

to Charles Orlando #1421046

U get more woman now (?) because you use dating websites


Shouldn’t there be a class action law suit against hairclub by now?


I watched the vid....Looks like they are ventilating new strands onto the clients hair strands...Instead of lace...ie: wig making.This poses the very real issue of new growth.

Soon as the hair grows...Assuming the clients hair grow the average of 1/2 in a month.....Or more for fast growers, or less for slow growers.....Three months time and it's over. It will need to be redone. Or accept it as temporary.... Ie: want to look good for a wedding...And call it a one time expense.

Go simpler....Lace wigs.Much cheaper and with proper care...Will last for years.

Signed, A lace wig maker.

Lancaster, Texas, United States #1335546

Women get extensions and have for years.This is no different.

Celebs and actresses of all races pay about 50-70k a year on hair.

You can keep that.

Gray for a TV or movie actor not a regular person.You can do grafts for just over twice the price and they will keep growing.

to Anonymous Lancaster, Texas, United States #1335548

Great for TV........


Thank GOD I came across this review.I planned on calling them this morning for a consultation for this Xtrands.

After reading how the process worked and watching the video on their website, I still did not understand how they got the actual hairs to stick. And I honestly thought this type of procedure would be $500 MAX bc it only lasts a month. And no mention of a maintenance fee.

Absolutely ridiculous they charge thousands of dollars for this ***.They should be ashamed of themselves.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1307765

I actually have a positive experience with Xstrands.First of all I look great and the alopecia is concealed while trying the vitamins and the laser comb.

Before Hair Club I could no longer hide my scalp.For me it is life changing and worth the financial sacrifice.

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1319292

I got 50 knots [free sample] done today (200 hairs), and atleast 4 knots have already fallen out today. Not sure if it's worth it.

to Anonymous1 #1430094

Did you lose your own hair along with the knots?


I tried a high end toupe for a couple of years.Way too much maintenance for me.

3000 for temporary tied on hair? Forget that. I had a fine accurate 1600 grafts transplant done by bosley and it worked great. Filled in my receding hair line and top of head bald spot fairly well.

Was expensive at about 1000 more than the hair club solution above however it is permanent and is my own hair from the back of my head that is genetically different from my bald spots.I had this done 29 years ago and besides turning somewhat grey it looks as good as the year I had it done although the price has probably gone up since then?

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States #1182127

Almost did this today. So grateful for your feedback!


Thank you so much. You saved me before I went and wasted my time and money. Thank god for reviews


When you get eyelashes put in you have to keep doing that to keep that look, when you get nails added on you have to keep that going to continue that look.You want more hair because you have the misfortune of not having the amount of hair that you want this is one solution to restoring that loss as with your eyelashes, nails, and countless other cosmetic things that make you look beautiful.

If the investment in yourself makes you look good and feel good then you do it. If you don't want to make that kind of investment and are happy with your loss, then stay the way you are.

You are obviously unhappy enough with your loss to have made that kind of investment initially with your hair as it is.Looking good often times cost some money...Sorry this isn't right for you but it was right for me and I'm sure many others like me.

to Anonymous #1079475

She wasn't talking about all what you said. She was saying about the loss of hair. And to be aware of this particular business.

to Anonymous #1111526

Lashes and nails are under 100 dollars. This is robbery

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1300793

Thank you

I have a lot of bald areas and am afraid of a transplant

This is expensive but I am very sad

My appointmrnt is next week

I know I will feel better about mysrlf

to Anonymous Oxnard, California, United States #1353436

Regular maintenance of eyelashes and nails is not $3,000 each time.If they are only taking fake hair and knotting it to your real hair, I can think of of only a things: (1) won't this pull on your already thin and weakened hair causing those last few precious strands to fall out; and (2) for $3,000 I can buy my own fake hair and pay somebody to help me do it myself and still have a grip of money left over.

Greediness and a rip off is all I see here.

$3,000 is a price for something permanent, not something temporary u need to have re-done monthly....That is $36,000 PER YEAR....

to Bb #1376564

The math is closer to 12,000 per year or slightly more since the consensous is that it lasts 3 months. Obviously, everyone is different. I have yet to do it myself.

to Bb #1424845

It’s not 3,000 a month, Get a consultation like I did and stop passing judgement on a company you haven’t stepped foot in.

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