Hello again consumers,

I wanted to come back to this site and recant what I said earlier about the HairClub and how they treated me in the face of the loss of my family member regarding letting me out of the contract. I received an email from one of their executives stating they would be happy to refund me and let me out of the contract with Hairclub after the loss of my family member and my job! I am so relieved and vindicated now and I thank Neil Lipton who helped me with all of this and the corporate office which is in Boston I believe. If you have had any issues, I would tell you to speak with him for a resolve. He is awesome and can help! Hair Club rocks and once I get in a better financial position, I will consider going back to address my hair loss needs!

Sincerely a Happy former customer,


Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Hair Club Pros: Staff was professional.

Location: Lakeland, Florida

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Hi, is there an email where i can reach the corporate office?



The sales associate executive Neil Lipton from the Tampa office where I went initially is the one who helped me with the corporate office. Im sure whomever you are dealing with as a sales person can do the same for you.

I didn't deal with the. Piston office directly .

But I'm sure they can help you to a resolve. Don't give up you will get help.


They should give every unhappy customer a refund


There are too many of them. Their business model is to lie, cheat mislead and hope they gain the same or more suckers then they lose.

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