I am a 49 year old female who looked into hair club a few months ago. And now I am a regular client. I have the wig type glued on. I am a very satisfied client.

Since about age 12 I pulled my hair out suffering from trichotillomania. I always had to part my hair to the side. Basically a comb over. I hated people standing behind me. Let alone anybody touching the top of my head. I used so much hair spray that it was like having a helmet on. Now I don't corner the market buying hair spray. I can walk in the wind and don't care if people stand behind me.

Yes its a lot of maintenance but worth it. I figure the unsatisfied people don't take the time to properly maintain there new hair. And if one of you unsatisfied clients try and tell me I work for hair club, your absolutely wrong. And we can take this outside and see who is tougher then who.

I have some itching at times but weighing the two I pick hair club. I don't have any anxiety walking out my door in the wind or rain. Which for 37 years I suffered from anxiety over my bald spot. So I say DO IT, ITS WORTH THE MONEY!!! But it is a lot of care. But it took me just as long putting layers and layers of hair spray on to form my helmet. So thank you hair club!

Signed Rene a very satisfied client.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Lone Tree, CO, USA

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Hair Club posted this review. They are pathetic.


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