As a young man who has been suffering from low hair growth for quite some time, I decided to give HairClub a call. I proceeded to speak to a rep of which I explained my situation and was not treated very fairly.

I explained how I have low genital hair growth and because if this have had to endure a life of incredibly smooth penal skin and buttox. Due to my low self esteem of having such a smooth buttox and genitals, I have suffered great losses in life. The pain that I suffer is quite unimaginable. For many years, I have tried various methods such as weave and mini toupees, yet it appears I shall never know the feeling of a true man...

I was immediately shot down by the customer care rep who seemed to think this was funny and would not stop laughing. I believe her co-worker said she was “going to *** on herself” and I am absolutely appalled. It is because of you bullies that I shall never be the same. I will be contacting the corporate office to file a formal Complaint...

not just for me... but for all the men out there with hairless genitals and anuses who’s voices are being ignored!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would you be embarrassed from a lack of genital and buttocks hair?!? Sweetie, lemme break it down to you, women LIKE that and not in a *** way.

If a man I’m with has a jungle going on downstairs it’s never going to happen. Women like men who keep it neat and clean, Mother Nature made it easy for you, consider yourself lucky I had to pay for laser hair removal and you got it for free!


This is hilarious......


You must work for this company


Very rude,unprofessional & immature ,the president/founders of the company should be embarrassed!

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