Well, i look up hair club online, set up an appointment for a free consult. I show up for the consult, place was very clean, very friendly people, they scan ur scalp to show u where u are losing hair and then suggest what treatment is right for u.

At this point everything is great , they or should i say Kim suggest x-trands, not knowing what xtrands is, i agree and say o k. , shows me pictures of other clients who have done xtrands and i was amazed at their transformation. So kim walks out to get a price, comes back, boy was i shocked at the price, nearly $5000,00, a lot more then i expected but i really wanted my hair back, i asked to finance it..Long story short, bigggest mistake of my life, its a,{{Redacted}} hair piece glued to ur head , youve got to be kidding me is what was going through my mind when they glued that thing to my head. Never again will i go back to any hair club, if i had known it was going to be a hair piece glued to my head, i would never have gone there to begin with.

Like others have mentioned about the Burlington hcm, they are just sales people, they pressure u into going through with it, saying stuff like.. oh come on, dont u want to look good for ur wife or ur girlfriend or boost ur confidence or self esteem, so Yeah, definitely sales pressure there because they know ur probably embarrassed about hair loss. Would I say hair club are scam artists??, definitely yes, they really are, all they want is ur money. I did the xtrands and at first it looked really good, didnt take long for me to hate it, maybe a day or two, could i get a refund for something i didnt like?, not at hair club u cant, ur screwed out of a lot of money, does hair club care?

No they dont, and they wont do anything to resolve the issue other then say... sorry about ur experience, how about not saying sorry, give people their money back or only charge them for the products they were given and the sevice done. From what it says in the package, u are to get a few washes, styles and all the crap that comes with it when u are at home. Ive posted a few reviews about my experience with this, and I'll keep posting until my issue is resolved..

im not making any of this up just to give hair club and its employees a bad name, im telling the truth and warning other customers, they could feel the same way as i do, get all excited to have their hair back and end up disappointed and out a lot of money.. there is actually videos on YouTube about how xtrands works and i wish i would have seen that before going to hcm in Burlington because i wouldve said..F*** that

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: 3027 Harvester Rd Suite 502, Burlington, ON L7N 3G7, Canada

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I went to bosleys around 2010 paid $10000 for transplant got no results . Prescription given for maintenance proscar.

When I did not return to Park ave office or accept sale pitches on expensive laser brush, other graft transplants ect.

Dr discontinued writing proscar scripts. Con artist


Your the Koo-Koo bird for agreeing to it - don’t blame hcm


Great review I just read, 8 feel sorry for the lady that is out money, time, suffering, and I figured this was a scam, was going to send my mom, but after thus recieve I'd never out her through that, I. So sorry for this woman

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