I worked for this company and was traumatized by the experience. No one is ethical, the lies are constant, they are bullies that allow harassment in their centers, they allow employees to gang up on other employees, I still have nightmares and I am not kidding.

It was an awful experience. What they do to their customers is just as bad. Like I said, they are liars, you have to tell customers they are going to get their hair back and that is not actually true. When I sold xtrands+ to a woman I always felt guilty.

That solution makes your own hair fall out, so you are worse off then when you started.

If you plan to go to HC for the rest of your life, you probably won't care if you have less hair. But if you are going in there to magically have more of your own hair, that is not going to happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Location: Bellevue, Washington

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thanks so much for you input. I was getting ready to call for an appt.

My better judgement was correct. thanks again.


I disagree. My experience at the Columbia MFD location has been great, for over 15 years, except for one stylist, Sang, others are excellent , all are professional, and customer service is great.


This company is just awful. Shady business practices.


Chris T & Aliya C from Toronto are fake & unprofessional


Hair club of Hauppauge in New York was the worst of the worst. I travel a lot I've been a member for over a decade.

Never encountered such horrible stylists. My color was orange on the side and black on top. The manager acted like it actually matched. I was appalled.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

Hair club in general is okay if it's your only solution. But I have never in all my years being a member of hair club had ever encountered a center like in Suffolk County New york.


Hank is retired hot dog salesman. The brothers are arrogant with little to no style or brains.

The stylist are there for show they are retired postal workers A real *** show. Prey on the meek.



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