I went in and they charge $3,000.00, my first appointment I was there for over and hour and didn’t see much difference I Am thinning in the back, and they said to come back next week for another appointment. So I came back and was there for over an hour, I had a bad feeling this wasn’t going to work.

So I told them I wasn’t happy and asked for a refund, which they said I couldn’t have. They offered me a Hair piece which I couldn’t image wearing. I remover sitting in the waiting room and all these guys were coming in and they looked terrible. It looked last me a dead animal on their head.

Do I took them to small claims court and lost because I didn’t read the contract throughly.

So if your thinking of doing this Don’t


Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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it's very expensive and alot of work to get it to look right i.e. color fading, hair falling out, hair course and rough and doesn't stay soft.

unless its relatively dense you can see adhisive or tape around the edges. if you absolutely must have a hair system i would'nt go here. too expensive.

i suggest you learn as much as you can and buy a decent one from a reputable online store. they will tell you everything you need to know and what you'll need to do.all at small fraction of what these people cost


Please contact me and we'll take care of this for you. My e-mail is mnassar@hcfm.com


comments have possibly saved me a world of hurt and several thousands as I was about to make an appointment. thanks to all of you for helping me


Thank you for your comments i have had chemo therapy and my hair is having a hard time growing I have seen their advertisement and was interested in getting help with my hair to grow but after reading about your experiences No thank you I will try to do it on my own thank you for your heads up


Try Quiff & Co. Awesome hair system.

They are in London but work with people all over the world. Look up their videos on YouTube.


Hi! Please follow @thereal_hairclub on Instagram for more reviews and stories on how terrible they treat their clients and employees.

Scam, harassment, bullying, and lying. A toxic workplace and shady business practices.

We would love for you to shar your story with our page. The Hair Club needs to stop hurting people!!!

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