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I have thinning hair and saw the commercial thinking that this company may be able to help.The commercial is false advertising because it's NOT your own growing hair. They tell you that to get you to believe that it really works but when they get you in the office they promote a bunch of hair products but the end result is a VERY high priced wig!!!!

The technician that was assigned to me was not familiar with African American hair and after the first session i realized that this company is a scam!!! When I complained and tried to get a refund, of course they get you with signing the papers (my fault for being a trusting consumer) and I lost out on about $1700. Be smart.. Do your research before calling them and giving them your money.

Everytime I see that commercial I get really pissed because they are ripping a lot of people off! Shame on you hair club!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I've a very satisfied customer, but I was completely bald on the top. Hairclub is not the best solution for someone whose hair is only thinning, because they have to shave the top of your head completely in order for the system to fit and look right, and some guys have a big aversion to being shaved completely on top.

Also for black folks, I thought they had special hair to look good on you guys but if you say they don't, then I believe you. I am not a Hairclub apologist but their product does work very well for me.


SavoryBoykinSpaniel That is good for you, but since you are on this site and page, have you NOT seen all of the other reviews here! They are a scam!

I'm glad it works for you but again they still false advertise that it is your own growing hair, but when it is all said and done, they are pushing customers to wear a wig or a hair piece.

That is not "growing hair" so with that being said, congratulations! You must be the 1 percent that the program works for..

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