Some of you have written on here that if you don't have much money to spend, you can't have such high expectations. I'm going to provide you a simple example of what this sounds like to me.

I don't wear Chanel, I can't afford to wear it. I can, however, afford clothing from WalMart. When I tell the sales associate that I want a black shirt, she doesn't get me a yellow one and try to convince me that its what I asked for. When I tell her my size is medium, she doesn't get me an extra small and try to convince me that I'm wrong and that I don't know whats good for me.

This is exactly the kind of thing that goes on at Hair Club. Of course I'm not going to know all the details of how the bio matrix is made, but I'm not an ***, I know when the hair is wrong. If you're going to tell me that I can't have such "high" expectations, then what on Earth is the point of filling out order forms? During the consultation, you're told you will be given a bio matrix that has the same texture and colour of your hair, as well as a base that is the right size to suit your needs.

What I don't understand is if you're going to give me something completely different than what we decided on, what is the point of filling out that form in the first place? I might as well just come in and say "I want a hair piece" without providing any details whatsoever.

There is absolutely no consistency in what I am given. You can't tell me to lower my expectations when you're not even keeping your word.

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Hair Club in Miami, Doral area. This company is the biggest scam I've ever seen.

Not only am I loosing more hair now since I started a year ago, but the Doral office has no clue of what good customer service should be. Staff is unprofessional and totally uninterested in providing the service you highly pay for. On your monthly maintenance visits, your concerns are ignored and attendants make an effort to deviate the conversation to social matters, instead of concentrating on questions

connected to what you are there for. They seem to be in a hurry to do the treatment to avoid any confrontation with hair issues.

They are not trained and lack knowledge of basic issues with hair loss.

I do not need to pay almost $3000 to be told that my hair loss is due to stress. What do they know about my me?


I totally agree with your take on hair club being a scam...You can also go on Bald R Us web-site and read directly from those who fell victims to those products and procedures...Also remember you can purchase all those products for hair loss including hair systems on-line for fraction of price...My best..


Hey be careful to not get scam again.hair club is desperate. Bio matrix is a WIG, poorly made toupee that's all,a ratty looking off the shelf WIG at the cost of well over 2000$. Remember you can buy the same WIG(better) on line for only fraction of prize,while doing it yourself you will save hundreds monthly,thousands yearly.Don't sign contract with hair club at all,don't repeat the same mistake again stay far away from hcmw.


Hello, I am very sorry to hear that your experience with Hair Club was not a positive one and would like to look into the matter in more detail to resolve your situation. Would you please be able to provide me with what location you attended, I can be reached at 561-361-7600, ext.

3230. Thank you,



Hair club knows that they don't have hair on hand srecifically for you when you first come in,so they take the details of your hair and find something on hand at that time and altering it until the real order comes in which takes at least 7 weeks and you may not like it then still. Why does it take so many complaints ANN for you and your other scam agents to come onto these sites and fake as if you want to resolve an issueThe whole entire company is run on dishonest practices and you know it! It would great to see someone go into a consult with a hidden camera and catch these crooks on tape and show the world just how under-handed they are!

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