I was their customer for over a dacade.I was noticing that even though they were using a supposedly new set of hair,the quality of their hairs were horrible.In an occasion I had to remove the set they after they had put a new set,so I thought.I noticed that they had used a set that has been used at least twice.How did I notice?I always cut a small triangle on the left side of frontal portion so that be able to brush the hair to a side and make it more natural looking.The above hair had already 2 cuts which meant that I had cut it twice.They have to put a new set of hair every 6 weeks,so 2x6=12 weeks,they had already used that set of hair and on top of that they install the same hair for another 6 weeks!They are stealing people's money.

I filed a complaint with "Better Business Bureau" and after almost 8 weeks,they acknowledged that I am "Unsatisfied customer",so much for doing something actually RIGHT and FAIR!

Please consider other options before signing any contract which this company,they are not a reliable company,trust me.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Hair Club Pros: Some of the stylists, Front desk.

Hair Club Cons: Breach of contract, Dishonesty, Unprofessional.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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im trying to get treatment and would like to know more about it.


I worked for hair club of haupauge they would use other clients used system on new clients .women's hair cause they were longer would be used as new hair isn't that against health laws ?? Hank the manager would forge clients signatures if he couldntn find clients original contract when they wanted to cancel their membership very unethical


Hank is a very unhappy person. I am a prisioner at his so called business.

I am scared to be completely bald and he knows that. He threatens me all the time. I hate going to his place. My stomach gets sick everytime I go up there.

I have nightmares when will I finally be released I ask God. I never like how my hair is styled the color never matches. He resigned my contract several times he thinks I am stupid. All the clients there are not intimated by hank.

It's not living with hair. Hank feels superior. Very unhappy client. Hank always tells me it's me that is un happy.

No hank I love my wife and kids I'm not happy with you. Your hair. Your orange and black color. Or the stylist you always tell me is hot or you have another girl for me.

My wish? That this facility would exchange hands in business with a qualified business. Real business professionals within this field. Not this hank Bob they do not care.

They are thiefs and belong behind bars. An outcry and complete and utter scam.


Chris Terkalas is unprofessional & treatments are very expensive

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