If nothing else, the decades old Hair Club Scam continues to provide an undetectable process. Of course..

They tell you what you want to hear with the sole mission of getting their money grubbing hands in your pockets. Sperling started the operation in New York back in the 70s and called the racket "Hair Club For Men". He was able to lure so many sucker "Cloients" into his scam with his *** TV ads that he went international and set up branches all over The World.. He's probably floating around somewhere on his yacht now.

He claimed to have created the most undetectable shit-wow system ever. Actually, the only thing undetectable I could see was how he managed to stay out of jail or keep from getting a beat-down while he ripped off desperate people for decades. His incredible "system" was nothing but a rug that they tied onto peoples' fringe - instead of gluing it to the scalp. He finally graduated into the really big money transplant industry.

which he probably marketed to the same suckers who realized their rug degraded into a piece of festering, stinking garbage after wearing it for a couple of days. What a business.

Like the Xstrand screw-job, the victims had to re-visit Sy's crew of salon crooks and pay more to get the grubby thing removed. I say: Bring back the guillotine for baldy predators.

Reason of review: not a cloient.

Location: 67 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

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