I wouldn't trust Hair Club for a nano second . This scam was invented in the 70s by a *** in New York named Sy Sperling.

He started the "Hair Club For Men" racket. He's probably living large on an island paradise or a yacht somewhere now, where none of his "cloients" can find him. He was able to lure so many suckers into his scam with his *** TV ads that he went international and set up branches all over The World. He claimed to have created the most undetectable shit-wow system ever.

Actually, the only thing undetectable I could see was how he managed to stay out of jail or keep from getting a beat-down while he ripped off desperate people for decades. His incredible "system" was nothing but a rug that they tied onto peoples' fringe - instead of gluing it to the scalp. He finally graduated into the really big money transplant industry. which he probably marketed to the same suckers who realized the rug he gouged them for degraded into a piece of festering, stinking, furry garbage after wearing it for a couple of days.

The thing is: The victims had to re-visit Sy's crew of crooks and pay more to get the thing cleaned or removed.

I feel your pain. I say: Bring back the guillotine for these predators.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Location: 197 NJ-18 #100, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, USA

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I've met women who were underage and forced to be escorts for the wealthy, I wouldn't trust this guy with my head after the things I've heard


I'm aware Hair Club now as then, has a spider-web approach - getting into anything that generates money. That, and relying on stupidity/insecurity.

They didn't invent anything. Or even improve hair products. Hair Club for Men in the Sy Sperling years basically sold weaves - which then required REGULAR maintenance for tightenings of the weave and cleanings. That's it.

Charge triple for the hairpiece and then charge top dollar for regularly scheduled maintenance. So the client gets nailed from the start and ever after. Even in the 90s clients were getting ticked over this perpetual grab for money and began looking around and getting better results for far less. He was a good talker, he was a good schemer.

He relied on clients being stupid. Schemes don't last forever though.


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Scam, harassment, bullying, and lying. A toxic workplace and shady business practices.

We would love for you to shar your story with our page. The Hair club needs to stop hurting people!!!


Now hcm is ripping people off with micropigmentation

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