I've been a member for 1 1/2 years. The staff is always very nice ($$$).

I've had 4 hairstylists, 1 was good, but moved up to a higher position and does only newbies. He was the only one that did a good job. My 1st 6 mos cost as much as a yearly fee. The hairpiece was glued to my head, only to remove it by dissolving the glue and pulling it off my hair, which is excruciating.

I felt like I was being scalped. After the 3rd time I told him to go ahead and shave my head. I couldn't go through this again. My scalp felt like it was on fire.

This I was never informed about. I felt they should have pd me for the 6 mos trial period. I was a guinea pig. I go back every 6 wks, driving 1 hr each way.

My hairpiece lasts 3-4 wks, then my hairpiece is very loose, & hard to style. I've complained many times, only to be 'sweetly' told I could upgrade to a more expensive plan where I come in every month. The hairpieces have been good, but I still believe it is much too expensive. I pay $260 a month on a yearly contract.

She wanted $350 a month, but I wasn't willing. Finally she agreed. I receive 3 hairpieces a year, go in every 6 wks, receive color every other time, and a haircut. Even if I was a millionaire, this is too expensive.

I feel $100 a month would be a very reasonable price & then I could recommend it to others. They are very nice (They want my money).

I've never spent a lot of money on my hair. Always used Suave products, now I'm only supposed to use their products which are $30 a bottle. It's very thick, so I dilute mine a lot.

When I get home and restyle, I feel I have a bad haircut.

I pay over $3,000 a year to have hair on my head.

It has looked good half of the time, the other 6 mos, it's simply hair on my head. I'm looking into wigs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Haircut.

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My experience at hair club was work related. The director was so rude to the staff unless we were apart of her group of associates.

There also were rumors going around about her sending us home early, to receive a bonus check. As a manager it is your duty not only to make a great enviorment for the clients but also the staff. I guess this is what happens when some people get a little power. At times I pray for those men and women because they do not have anyone to speak up for them.

I think of them from time to time an wonder if an other have left due to the lack of respect the management has for its employees. The biggest problem with these companies is that, if you don't have the face the company wants you to have then you will not get a promotion or a head. For any future employees that think about going the location in Raleigh.

Know your rights an read the policy letters very well. Hopefully shes not there anymore.


gluing hair on ur head?! WTF wht about the promise of restoring ur natural hair back to life?


The Hair Club is nothing more than a Lace wig/toupee company, that is over-priced!Their programs are designed to bleed you dry because the truth is, the more often you get NEW hair the better the unit looks. All hair looks great at first but after a month it's dry and no matter how much product you put on it, it will always be dry until you get the NEW hair and that will depend on what program they sell you.

The best programs cost and arm ,leg and a lung! Please believe that, also they are the kings of bait and switch!!!!!


I have been on the website noticing how many people have complained about service and cost. I think the reason we all went to HCM was to improve the way we look.

We were all unsatisfied going bald and that hurt. We were all ridiculed about diminishing hairlines and "does baldness run in the family" comments. Nobody wants to hear that sh_t. So, we tried Hairclub and what we found out is they can make us look a lot better than looking like we are going bald every day.

Is there some pain taking off the hair piece, sure. Does it cost money, sure does.

What did u expect, they have stylists that spend an hour with you. They aren't doing their job for free. I have been unhappy at times as well, and believe me, I share that with the manager or the stylist I was unhappy with.

At the end of the day, I would much rather look 10 years younger than carrying around a bad wig, or 10" receding hairline that I shave my head once a week.

This isn't for everyone, this is a program for people that care what they look like and self image is important to them. When we look good we feel better about life, don't we??


sounds like a rat from the company has made its way to debate!


I am a former member. Spent $700 every month.

By day 7 looked like ***. I was a platinum guy. What a scam people. Just take it off already.

I can spot them from 20 feet away.

They all look like rugs even the good ones lol. Color is never right always can spot them I'm not alone trust me.


Hair club has always invested heavily and dedicated a team of it's employees to constantly post either positive comments or attack people's honest rather negative reviews by pressing read arrow!!!!!


Are you not only the president but also a client? Lol


Baldness is beautiful,fake is not !

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