I went into this place to talk about hair transplants because my hair was thinning in the front. Some how things got turned around and now I was being talked into this so called one by one weaving process which gets integrated into you own hair. This process is nothing more than a hair piece glued to your own hair.

Not once was a hair piece mentioned, not even after my persistent questioning because I could not understand how this weaving was going to happen. It was on for 1 week before I had to have it removed. While removing this piece they also pull out a good amount of hair whit it. My scalp was red and sore for 4 days after.

The piece was not only much darker than my own hair but it was also course textured, wavy, my hair is strait, and looked like a wig. It was also too thick and heavy because I had too much of my own hair underneath. The stylist herself told me that they don't usually do this to woman that have as much hair as I have and that's why it was too heavy. They usually shave the persons head.

Then they start talking me into this ext hair treatments, they gave me this laser comb telling me that it was $85.00,when I called again to try to get a refund I was told that this comb was $775.00 and that all of these things that their trying to do to help me is because they're trying to give me something for my $2550.

When I mentioned that their business was deceiving and verged on fraud. I was told that this is a professional company that used their own terminology and that was why the word hair piece was never mentioned. They also never mentioned that their hair transplant facility is in Chicago. So you had to travel there and spend the night.

I have a child and he can not be left on his own for long.

This company is a total farce, and I am going to do all I can to let as many people as possible know about them and their lies.

So I will now write a letter to the CEO of the company, to the BBB, and to the MA attorney General's office.

I had one and new that nothing was going to come from this

Location: Bow, New Hampshire

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Sounds like your wife is shallow as *** and you've got *** clients if you can't get bookings based on your hair


Your reply makes zero sense.


Thank you all for sharing the truth to protect future victims of this legal fraud.


rolling eyes


Not true


I see the hype on TV so I always want to know what the real story is from people who have used the product. This site saves me a lot of money because I don't fall prey to infomercials.


Thank you, I am currently watching their commercial. Your input among others I have read depicts this company as advantage taker of hopeful people.


Hair Club in Charlotte NC managers are liars. They need to be trained in customers service skills.

They get mad when they are told by the client that their own hair is being pulled out by the glue. The quality of the hair is bad. You are told the hair that will be placed on your head will not look like a wig. It looks worst than a wig.

The managers do not offer free treatments or free products to help your hair grow back. their main concerns is the money that they are making off their clients.

The Charlotte NC office had only two stylist that knew what they was doing. The others just rushes to pull your hair out while removing the wig.


I love it when people tell the truth!!


Chris Terkalas is rude lazy & unprofessional at the Toronto office


I had the same experience, and agree with you 100% that this company is deceitful and not worth the time and money you spend.


I am a former consultant. The reason why they talk to you into the “hairpiece” is because if they send you to Bosley they will lose their commission.

We were trying to use words like “medical grade polymer “whenever it’s actually glue. Fancy words were told for us to use so that people were not feeling like they were having a wig glued onto their head. Sadly, that’s what it is. For some people that’s ok.

It is not integrated with the hair that you have. You will have the option to either let them shave your head or they will glue the “hairpiece” over it. Some folks have allergic reactions to the glue.

Lots of times the hair that they use does not act like your hair did at all. And yes… It is very expensive.


It is unfortunate that people like me still fall for stupid stuff like HC promotes. I fell for it, i blame myself but what a girl to do when you are balding.

I wish i had visited this site before i made the blunder of my life. Too late to go back, but good enough to stop.

Now i have to pay back the high interest loan i was given as if i am paying back a college school loan. Only , this time - i dont have a certificate to show for it but a bald eagle head of synthetic hair.


I was losing my hair. My head was cIean as the palm of my hand on top.

I used 100% olive oil and Rosemary tea. Boil the tea when cold mix half and half.

Rub into scalp every other day. Ii takes time but i got results.


Hcm will do nothing of the kind (no refunds) just kindly cancel your contract with them & move on to bigger better things


$29"000 gone. My marriage in jeopardy because im so upset over them lying and am very sensitive over this.

I went in with "12 they cut it to "5 i complained they took my membership after 6 years. I was told by a friend that worked their dont complain just except it. Im a musician now its hard to play out, my wife misses it i know so i become argumentitive. Bloomington illinois hcm are liers and crooks.

If they make a mistake its on u. They gave me my life back then took it. Adam witherspoon the regional manager told me on the phone their products have dropped in quality. If only i recorded that conversation i would blow these crooks out of the water.

They hold power to uplift ones life but abuse their power. They are going to be sued.

Im not gonna stop until i show how crooked Bloomington illinois hcm is. So unhappy what they have done to me.


Why would you allow yourself to be"talked into' something that you didn't want? You could have avoided this by doing an about face!


Right On Roxanne!

Ain't nobody gonna

talk me into nothing

I don't want!!!

Live and learn I say.


I was never told that I would have to pay another $4,000. every year so they could order more hair and salon treatments.

They said I can't even keep the old hair.

They send it back to the company and they destroy it. I liked the hair but it's basically nothing more than a wig.


They refurbish the hair and re sale it as new

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