This past Summer I made the mistake of going towards the end of the day to the San Antonio Hair Club. Verenia Ohanian is the sales person that was not straight forward with me. I was about to leave to think about what I would do and she stated that the 500 dollar discount would not be valid if I did. At this point since it was the end of the day and I had to drive four hours home I said yes and signed. She NEVER told me that I had 3 days to CANCEL or else they would charge me the $5,500 for nothing.

To make a long story short, I had the wig placed on me around three weeks after I met them. I left on a trip to California and could not stand the burning sensation that the whig was causing. On the 5th night of wearing this wig it started coming off from the forehead area.

They told me that I had to go back every month to have it washed and re-glued but they gave me this kit in case it came undone. I immediately called them and told them that the wig was burning my scalp and that it was coming undone after the 5th night. They said it was normal. I stated that it was not what I was told when it was placed on me so I told them that I wanted it off as soon as I visited them the following week.

I visited the San Antonio Hair Club and was approached by their Customer Service Person and she insisted that I had an operation since the wig did not work. I told her that I did not and would not by operated. She brough Lindsay Nieves, the manager, in and they insisted that I get operated but I said no. Then the Customer Service lady told me that I owed them $5,500 since I did not cancel within three days. I told her the Verenia Ohanian, the sales person, had not told me that at all. She stated that it was the policy and that they could probably help me with half of the $5,500. I told her that I would be willing to pay for the haircut and stuff they used on me but not that amount. I lost in the end. Verenia Ohanian had not given me the document that I signed until the end when all of this was happening and it stated there that I had three days to cancel. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES and a BAD SALESPERSON. I hope that she takes that commission and makes it last until the end of her career.

In the end I ended up owing them $2,750 and had to pay it to Comentiy Bank which partners with the Lending Club. I paid for nothing.

So everyone be forewarned about these thiefs!

If anyone wants to contact me you may do so at jcmartinez2465@gmail.com .

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Haircut.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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She puts her whole life online


She's unprofessional & has a naughty picture of her self on Instagram

to SoRude2 #1409396


to Verenia Ohanian #1410961

U probably wrote all the good reviews yourself

to Verenia Ohanian #1563290

Your naughty pictures are unprofessional

to Verenia Ohanian #1566389

Wear swim wear that covers your butt

to SoRude2 #1419999

She's little Miss.Conceited

to SoRude2 #1423166

Instagram is a very weird behaviour


I’m very sorry about your experience with Hair Club and myself. I try to do a very thorough job explaining the entire process and financial commitment.

I’ve been working for the company over four years and have never had a complaint like yours. I feel bad.

Every detail is in writing and legally a customer can not move forward unless paperwork is signed.

I hope you find what hair needs you were looking for. Sincerely, Verenia Ohanian

to Verenia Ohanian #1403020

Hcm is a ripoff

to Verenia Ohanian #1409398

Please read all the great reviews...


Wish we could please them all!

to Verenia Ohanian #1409682

Their fake...4 thousands dollars for a hair wig,a monthly expensive plan,products are a additional charge,Chris Terkalas is very rude & a professional liar !

to Verenia Ohanian #1421423

If Hcm was truthful, no one would be a client, Hcm is full of lies ...thousands of dollars,additional charges & a very expensive monthly plan

to Verenia Ohanian #1602813

You’re fake!


She left Hcm


Thank you for sharing your horrible experience. I almost dialed Hair Club. No way now.

to Anonymous #1397207
I just saw this post, thanks to a kind person I know. Please don’t let one person’s negative experience dictate you or your life needs.

I had nearly 200 positive reviews. I try my best to treat people right and honest.
I no longer work here, since I was offered a great position elsewhere. I still believe and stand for what Hair Club/Bosley offers.

Anyone who needs their hair back, this is the place!

Just read your agreement before signing. :)
to Verenia Ohanian #1401293

U R conceited

to Verenia Ohanian #1410365

hair doesn't grow back,it's a wig

to Verenia Ohanian #1450641

You support being fake-not good

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