Anniston, Alabama

I have been a hair club customer for 3 years now, and really not sure i will be for much longer. I go in every month to get my hair done just to have it turn blond ( i have brown hair ) and within 2 weeks the hair is coming up so my wife (who does a better job ) has to take it off and re-do it all over again.

I complain every month just for them to give me a different stylest.not only can they not fix the problem i really don't think they care yet they take their money every month right on time.

I really think my last resorce is to contact the BBB maybe they can help. People do yourself a favor save your money .

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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What do you mean by your hair was coming up? As in your roots were showing?

Maybe you just have fast growing hair.


I am really appalled with this company its a huge rip off. The first hair they gave me was so thin it didn't look any different then my own thinning hair ,I expressed my dissatisfaction with it and they ordered new hair but made me keep the new hair on for six months when I was promised no more then four with the plan that I paid through the nose for.They responded with lame excuses that the new hair was not in yet when I know the real reason was that they were trying to recover the cost of the second system they had to order.It was so depressing walking around with this ratty hair on my head that was falling out by the handfuls and getting shorter and shorter because it was on my head for too long.The stylists are terrible and don't know what they are doing the staff is uncaring and don't care about their customers at all,they only care about your money that they take religiously every month.I do not recommend this company to yourself a favor and find another alternative and save yourself humiliation and heartbreak as well as your money.


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