I've been a client of the Raleigh Hair club since 2011, turn over wasn't high. Those who left had medical issues, like pregnancies etc.

From Ashley at the desk to Nikki and Tiffany, two extremely knowledgeable stylists who worked on me almost excursively during that time the service was excellent and it was obvious they believed in helping people. Jennifer and Blair the ladies who managed the office were professional, and worked hard to make the years I was with Hair Club great. As a silver member, my problem is not the service, it's the quality of the hair. It's poor.

Really poor for the amount of money paid and that's why I am canceling after all these years. The team at the Raleigh office tried a different things to make it better, I even upgraded but it's the poor hair quality. There is nothing any of those ladies could do to fix that. My annual renewal passed and when I asked about it to cancel, I definitely didn't plan to sign on for another year, found out it was the day after my last appt the previous month.

What I think is strange it this, to join Hair Club, they make it easy. But to cancel, I received a P.O.

Box address to send in my cancellation request. I'll see if the customer service continues to be excellent even with the 30 day cancellation request.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Just cancel my service without delay..

Hair Club Pros: Management, Staff, Front desk, Stylists, Facilities.

Hair Club Cons: Hair quality, Difficulty in canceling service.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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Make sure all access to your accounts are also canceled ASAP, contact both bank and your credit cards, no more direct access to your accounts by hair club.!

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