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Who can I call or write to when I have a complaint about unfair charges?

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Ann McDonald
Hair Club customer support contact info:

Advice on Hair Club, San Jose.

Hello, I am looking to get a non-surgical hair replacement done. I have been recommended Aderans as the company to go for the hair pieces and Hair Club is an Aderans affiliate.

But the reviews I have been seeing on this website have been nothing short of horrifying. Could someone please share their experiences with non-surgical hair replacement in California or San Jose?

Any general experiences would also be appreciated. I really want to confirm this is a viable option before investing thousands of dollars in it.

1 answer
Gabrielle Barley
As stated in the Hair Club Facebook profile, the company was founded in 1976. Its headquarters is based in 1499 West Palmetto Park Road Suite 111, Boca Raton, Florida 33486, United States.
According to the Hair Club reviews on, the company currently has 1.8 out of 5 stars. The rating presented there is based on the feedback offered by customers in 203 different Hair Club reviews.
Customers are not satisfied with customer service, dishonesty, and lies.
Customers like management and professional staff.
To get more information about Hair Club and its services, please contact the company customer care team by phone at (888) 324-1574 (toll-free number) or by email You may also check the feedback of Hair Club customers on the company social networks.

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