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I have been a client of Hair Club for a number of year, not knowing the situation that would occur. When you first go to Hair Club they shave down your hair and apply polyfuse (glue) to your scalp so the matrix system can be applied.

Now to take the matrix system off, the clinician uses a liquid and pulls the matrix from your scalp, they might also buzz and pull the matrix system off, by prolong use of gluing and pulling this will create what is known as Traction Alopecia. (caused by a pulling force) You will notice if you have Traction Alopecia by noticing a bright smooth patch of skin on your scalp that does not have any hair nubs when you run your fingers on your head, this might be in the front, along the sides and in the back of your head.

If you feel that you have Traction Alopecia please join me in a Class Action Law Suit. e-mail me at: mprovost@kgglaw.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Replacement Procedure.

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Wow, That is crazy. Very miss leading.

They want to charge you tons of money to shave your head and glue a wig on. They lost their minds.


I went for consultation in Houston and would not allow them to shave or put glue in my hair or scalp! I got out as fast as I could!!

I am doing great with minoxidil and hair vitamins- eating right and less stress!! Their commercials are misleading to the public and they need to be put out of business!!

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