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I too go suckered in. Loosing your hair is very emotional and HC will take advantage of your vulnerable state. They make sure you sign a contract during your consultation. They do not give you the full cost of the maintenance. I was hit with a $299 a month maintenance bill after financing $3999. Which I pay $299 a month to come in every six weeks for service, 3 new styles, 9 chemical services. Then I pay $40 a month for the $3999 financing which will take me forever if I only pay $40.00 a month.

The hair is not of good quality. There is a lot of shedding, after washing it a couple of times the hair comes out in lumps. I have had to glue my hair back into place several times.

I wish there was something I could do to get some of my money back. This is an expensive lesson learned.

My only advice is to not sign a contract the same day. Think about it before committing. It is not worth the money.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3999.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Hair Club Cons: Quality of hair and dishonesty.

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Started out training here! Yes, go w an Independent hairdresser w a pay as u go!

The only signing is that the hair is not refundable but u don't have to pay for your hair loss for life; that's for sure! Support your local hairdressers & not the ex used car salesmen!!!


Why don't you gals get together and bring them to judge Judy. Each of you file an individual complaint.

Your case will be heard, plane flight paid for, hotel paid for, food, and the worst that could happen is these scammers names will be plastered on the tv with millions watching.

If u win, an added blessing. Don't forget to bring all your paperwork, bank statements, receipts etc or judge Judy will ask you, if you don't have your evidence, "Where did you think you were coming, to the beach?"


...And then go for lunch and be best friends


Again I say... When you get eyelashes put in you have to keep doing that to keep that look, when you get nails added on you have to keep that going to continue that look.

You want more hair because you have the misfortune of not having the amount of hair that you want this is one solution to restoring that loss as with your eyelashes, nails, and countless other cosmetic things that make you look beautiful. If the investment in yourself makes you look good and feel good then you do it. If you don't want to make that kind of investment and are happy with your loss, then stay the way you are. You are obviously unhappy enough with your loss to have made that kind of investment initially with your hair as it is.

Looking good often times cost some money...Sorry this isn't right for you but it was right for me and many others like me. #repost

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