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This is my 3rd comnent about hair club, i would think with all the negative reviews that ive read and all the pissed off customers, im surprised anyone still comes back and that there hasn't been any law suits. I think its almost criminal what hair club does.... no refunds for unhappy customers

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am surprised to hear all the negative comments about hair club.I'm not a big shopper but while I'm running around the mall picking up stuff I need, to help pass the time I count how many smiles I get from women. Maybe having hot women chasing you is not everything but after many years of being bald it is a dream come true.

$400 per month does suck, I will admit. But I will never go back to being bald, EVER. If HCM were to shut down I would literally cry.

I would have to shave my head, roid up and be huge. That's a whole lot of work, and I wouldn't look as good as I do now with a "pretty good" build and hard full of GQ hair.


Sorry, I meant HEAD full of GQ hair.... but the word I used above is so relevant with all the women I am now in the same league as.


You should be embarrassed


Their looking at you because it looks so fake

@Rachel 18

My hair does not look fake. Trust me, my guy friends are ruthless. If they suspected my hair was fake, it would be all over fb.


It looks fake !


I don’t believe this post


You don't believe what post. The original, or my reply.


All of the above

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