One of my clients came to me about 5 years ago, a young 23 year old woman with alopecia aerata, in tears after her experience at HC. They talked her into a "helmet wig" that they didn't color match or customize to her features.

But the worst part was they shaved the top of her head. She was traumatized!! Not to mention that she was told by the receptionist, "Your hair is never going to grow." That's a big no-no! Unless you are a doctor you cannot make medical diagnosis.

Then there was the issue of the glue irritating her scalp, leaving it red and inflamed. They didn't care, they stuck it back on at her 1st follow up visit. Another bit no-no. Then the issue of the monthly $300 and something fee, for what I have no idea.

Im a stylist in Austin Texas and I specialize in women with medical hair loss. What I don't understand, aside from all the deceit, outrageous costs, and unprofessionalism, is why HC doesn't offer other options besides shaving your head. I offer several products by HairDreams specifically made for women with thinning hair that DOES NOT require shaving your head. The Microline Integration is one.

And I think wearing a wig should always be a last option. I can't even imagine sleeping in one.

I've thought about getting a job at HC because I love what I do but I'm a sole owner of my very small business that I operate out of a rented salon suite at Sola Salon and I could really use health benefits, 401K, and a steady stream of business. But there's NO WAY in *** I would be part of their operation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Hair Club Cons: How hc preys on t he vulnerable.

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This message is for "Not a Hair Club Member, but my Client was....."

I am a 59 year old woman with thinning hair on top - would love to talk with you about options! Please email me at barkley825@aol.com. Thank you!

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