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Not resolved

I signed up in April.... it's July....

they try adding volume with strands, but since my hair is thin, the stands come out very easily. I only received this treatment once; there is no reason to keep putting stress on your hair follicles if your hair is already thin and really too thin to accept the strand process. The shampoo and conditioner they provide does nothing. The shampoo and conditioner may be useful to someone whose hair is damaged and in need of conditioning, but this process just makes my hair flat and more difficult to style, because it's too conditioned.

My hair was fine, not colored; it is white from old age and does not need to be conditioned, again it was not damaged in the first place, it was just very thin. I am a 68-year old female. I don't think they provide anything to help senior women. They provide vitamins which are of no help with thinning hair.

They suggest using Minoxidil, but it makes my scalp itch (I had already tried this). So, I cannot use this portion of their treatment. They provide a laser band which they claim will help grow your hair (since I have used it every other day for 3 months, there has been absolutely no change). None of the treatments made available to me, as a woman, in her senior years has any effect on my thinning hair due to age.

They are asking a great deal of money for treatment that is not effective for thinning hair for women. These treatments are being used on both women and men and should be specific to your hair loss problems. They are not. I have complained about the lack of progress on several occasions, they said there is nothing that can be done.

They want me to continue these treatments because they claim it is much too soon to see any results. I think by now, there should be some difference in the amount or thickness of the scalp hair, but there is not.

I think I should get a refund of what I have paid so fair and the remaining balance, since the treatments provided are ineffective. If I cannot get results from their treatment program, I should not have to pay anything further.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Hair Club Pros: Pleasant employees and staff.

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