I don't have a complaint for HairClub like most of the above comments. By the looks of most or all of your spelling errors it seems like you should not have made an appointment to begin with.

FREE consultation means free information about the procedure... NOT that you get your hair back for free. Of course the matrix is a wig... What are you expecting with no surgery?

That your own hair is just pulled up? and yes of course they will glorify their product like EVERY company in America! Price... Are you expecting this to be a normal haircut price?

I know quite a few people with the Hair Club matrix procedure who look GREAT... And are truly happy with themselves now. Hair does make a person look better, believe it or not. As far as issues with the hair coming up, itchy, it rarely happens as much as people are saying and really that was your stylist errors not the whole company.

I'm only commenting because I am tired of seeing companies and people being bashed by completely judgmental people all these negative reports and hatred is what is wrong with America. Everyone is just so negative it is sad. Really going to move to Canada! On another note HairClub does TONS of free procedure for Cancer children that lost their hair.

That's a beautiful thing a lot of companies would not do. Not every business is for everyone.

If you have not job, terrible credit, than you shouldn't be making a consultation in the first place, you obviously any afford it and seem like you wouldn't be satisfied with anything anyways. Have a terrific day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Haircut.

Location: Worthington, Indiana

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your a fool! Its a rip!


Great message!


Your company is a rip-off


This post is fake


My husband paid 4thousand dollars,400hundred a month,hair products were 40dollars when ever he needed to restock ,the hair cuts - colours were disappointing and the customer service was unprofessional


You must work for them


You have written on here that if you don't have much money to spend, you can't have such high expectations.I'm going to provide you a simple example of what this sounds like to me.

I don't wear Chanel, I can't afford to wear it. I can, however, afford clothing from WalMart. When I tell the sales associate that I want a black shirt, she doesn't get me a yellow one and try to convince me that its what I asked for. When I tell her my size is medium, she doesn't get me an extra small and try to convince me that I'm wrong and that I don't know whats good for me.

This is exactly the kind of thing that goes on at Hair Club. Of course I'm not going to know all the details of how the bio matrix is made, but I'm not an *****, I know when the hair is wrong". If you're going to tell me that I can't have such "high" expectations, then what on Earth is the point of filling out order forms? During the consultation, you're told you will be given a bio matrix that has the same texture and colour of your hair, as well as a base that is the right size to suit your needs.

What I don't understand is if you're going to give me something completely different than what we decided on, what is the point of filling out that form in the first place? I might as well just come in and say "I want a hair piece" without providing any details whatsoever.

There is absolutely no consistency in what I am given. You can't tell me to lower my expectations when you're not even keeping your word.


All true. You've touched on something which are indeed typical and customary of/to hair club for men and women.Consistency is a lost word at hair club replaced by lack of efficiency,unqualified staffs,lies,deception,elaborate hypes.

Why stay at hair club when you can go on line purchase a better hair system for fraction of prize one pays to hair club? With on line company's there is no contract,money back Guarantee and do your own hair you will save hundreds monthly,thousands yearly Guaranteed.

Leave hair club now go on line do all your shopping and save $$$$$$$$$$$ promised.


Don’t take things so seriously


first it is you that judging other..wrong spelling? that's all you have to say?

listen, people have been and continue to be fooled,scam,ripped off by absolute lies,deceptions by this club..while hurt by scam one is bound to make error while typing.

are you working for this so called hair club for men and women.?


Strongly agree

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