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I'm still paying off my debt for the cloth that was glued on my hair. Don't be fooled not all places that offer a system is bad, It's hair club for men that do not offer quality matrix systems.

I recommend ja alternatives in New Jersey. I get so many compliments now and I'm very happy with the service there. Hair club for men sells *** and you'll never be happy you can get better if you feel like your stuck promise

I was a customer there they ripped me off lied cheated me I missed days of work embarrassed in tears with no self confidence. Shame on you hair club putting so many people in anguish and lies.

Close down and stop harming innocent people with family's to support by cheating them. Either step up or get out

Monetary Loss: $3600.

Location: Marina Del Rey, California

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I had the same issue. They lied to me also.

Took my money and I'm still paying them. They do need to close down. Hair products are worthless.

I found more hair in my bathroom floor whenever I combed it. Horrible....

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