If you are going to the Downtown Toronto office and have to deal with Aliyah Charania ask for someone else. She is a horrible person!

I'm not usually one to complain or post reviews about a negative experience I've had but then again I have never been ripped off and misled and lied to like this before.

So if this review helps at least one person then I'm glad I have done this.

Keep in mind I am by no means a cheap person. I would spend thousands of dollars on something if I know it is going to work.

I was told from the initial consultation that the hair "system" is a blended hair system. I was told that they will make hair that will match my colour and curl pattern and that it will be blended into my existing hair to make a full head of hair. I was told I would be able to swim, shower & stand in a windstorm with no problems. I would have a full head of hair as if I had never started to recede. Fantastic. Sounds like a dream come true. I was also told that the initial fee for my size head would be $3900 + taxes but because my sales rep (who also happened to be the locations office manager/director) liked me she would give me the "system" for $3400 and if I paid for it all before the install that she wouldn't charge me the taxes. Wow! I was also told that everything was covered for the 1st 6 months (cuts, dyes, system changes etc) and after the 6 months every visit will only be $95. This sounded VERY reasonable so I signed up. I would now wait 6 weeks until my "system" arrived and in the meantime I would come in a couple of times for fittings and such. A great experience so far. Aliyah was painfully nice, too nice, very forced and phoney.

And then it was my day for the install.

I sat in the chair, excited to have my confidence about to be "installed" again. I had a great rapport with my hair stylist.

I was handed a waiver. "Please sign this" the stylist said. Of course I read it first. The waiver was to tell me that they are going to shave the top of my head in order for the glue to stick. WHAT? Shave my head? No one told me this. And no one told me about glue. That doesn't seem to be very healthy. I was also told that on top of the $95/month visit fee, every 2 months I would have to replace my wig (sorry, system) and this would cost $2000 each time. So now the yearly cost went from $1140 to $13,140 on top of the initial $3400 spent. I was in shock. So with no other option (I didn't want to wait any longer), I wanted to walk out of there with my new hair, I signed the waiver and she shaved my head. The system was installed. IT WAS A WIG/TOUPE. And that is what it looks like and felt like. I felt like I looked 20 years older instead of younger. It looked fake. It felt fake. The colour was darker then the rest of my hair. The curls were thicker. I was not happy.

I was told to come back the next day to make sure the glue held and to make some adjustments. Before I came back I was on the phone with Aliyah crying that it looked awful. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. She kept telling me that they will figure it out. They had an extra wig (sorry, system) in the shop in case this happened. When I got there I was rushed through my appointment and at the end it still looked awful. 29 hours had passed and I was finally allowed to get it wet so I took a shower. At this point the glue had come undone and the wig (sorry, system) was loose. I didn't want to deal with this for the rest of my life. This is when I started to talk about having the wig (sorry, system) removed and asked for a refund. I explained how I was misled and not happy at all. I had also come to terms that if I removed the wig (sorry, system) I would have to shave my entire head and I had made peace with this. I decided that I would grow old (i'm 36) gracefully and embrace my hair loss. Aliyah was very rude and defensive. She told me that I would continue to go bald and eventually I would have no hair left, like sooner then later so I should just get used to their system.

I didn't want to. I wanted the wig to be removed. I didn't want to be tied to Hair Club's mercy forever. She told me she would not give me any refund but she would gladly remove the system. I begged for something back...even if it was $100. Just something. She finally offered $1000. So this was a VERY expensive lesson. But a good one indeed. HAIR CLUB IS NOT FOR EVERYONE so if you don't want to wear a wig...try something else. And if you have to deal with Aliyah Charania ask for someone else. She is a horrible person.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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This is the best review on this site


Moe Simon Chris Aliya & Heather are all best friends at this company


Aliya left Hcm


She thinks she's medical consultant now


Outrageous prices don't go for it hold on to your hard earned money...If you insist to wear hair piece then this is my advise:There are good and better options online.Avoid paying more than what they worth, it cost between$140,$500 that's how much you want to pay, it'll be no contract no monthly membership payments and of course moneyback guarantee. Find a hair stylist who will apply cut and style your hair piece they have all the time in the world to make sure you look your best.

I hope this was helpful.


your annoying


You must be working for hair club!!


You guys think everyone works for Hcm


Your a annoying too


Hair club has a dedicated a team of it's employees to constantly post either positive comments or attack people's honest rather negative reviews by pressing read arrow!!!!!


Initial wig cost which is glued to your shaven scalp - $4000

Replacement every 2 months (your existing hair regrows under the "matrix") - $2000 or $12000 per year

Visit every month - $95 or $1140

Total cost for year 1 = $17,140

Cost for Year two and the rest of your life = $17 140 - intial wig cost = $13, 140 per year

Cost for ageing gracefully and enjoying life = $0


I thought she was rude & fake ... I went to a different office , thank you chris & heather for your understanding & support , I've been there for 3 years


Their rude too


Don't thank them,they are so rude,unprofessional & the solutions are expensive


She is very rude , HC should find a better person to run the office!


I knew that Hair Club is a total ripp off. You should have goe to a good lawyer and sued them.


You should find some way to take this to a higher level. Shine some media attention on them.

Most local news stations have a consumer protection segment they air. You may want to contact one of them

And as a side note....bald men are sexy.

And so is confidence. Be true to yourself, that's what matters.

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