hi my name is Angel Oliver i have being a member of Hair Club for over 4 years both in Puerto Rico and recently in Philadelphia for 2 years now. My fairy as i like to call her is Maryann Shoukri, she's an amazing professional, her many years of experience always show in my hair cuts that always make me look amazing.

Her (Maryann) even help me with the decision of choosing new programs wish is not part of her duties, but that's who she is a dedicated professional in her field that always provide the best customer service.

Going to hair club is something i look forward every two weeks and i have to tell that my stylist is one of the reasons. my money is so well spend thank to her, btw i always feel i don't tip her enough.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Hair Club Pros: Always good.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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this posting is fake


Hi ,this is a complaint website where people post their negative experiences when they've been lied to,ripped off scammed and harmed...people aren't ***!!!

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