I started with them back in 1984. It was pricey even back then.

In those days they braided the "hair system" with your natural hair similar to a hair weave. I will admit, it looked natural, and people always complimented me. However, by the mid 90s, they wanted everyone to use the polyfuse - a fancy name for glue. At first, it seemed good, but in time, I noticed, I kept losing more of my own natural hair so now the systems (really a wig/toupee) had to be larger, and they were not made as well with a poor quality.

After two decades, the look was awful. I had relocated so I tried a month with the system off. I liked the shaved head look better than the bad hair. I should have done this ten years sooner.

The reality is that they are too expensive in that what they really do is sell a glued wig in using their sales technique with fancy words. Personally, I would love to see them in a class action lawsuit for not explaining that the polyfuse may cause further hair loss.

My recommendation to anyone considering the Hair Club is to stay natural, and use a closely cropped haircut. In the end, you will have a lot more money in your pocket and you will be much happier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Haircut.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hair Club Pros: Staff.

Hair Club Cons: Product, Dishonesty.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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