I went in to hair club for a transplant one of the competent worker there told me since i was black i would not be a good candidate for a transplant would not work for me an i believed her so we when from a transplant to a glue on wig that made my hair fall out even more i had the wig glued on to far down my forehead once and to far down my neck after 6,000.00 plus dollars i was finished spending money for something that was not going to last i feel ripped off by them

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Location: Columbia, Maryland

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So today I went in for a consultation,

and just like you, she told me I would be a candidate for a glued on piece. After reading many of the reviews and my own convictions I decided to not go that route.

Thanks for the review. I really did not want to spend my hard earned money on a scam..


If they wanted to use glue you could have saved your $6000 and glued your own hair

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