Bixby, Oklahoma
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I have been with Hair club for years. Some of the hair systems are good and some are bad just like stylists.

But one thing that has been an ongoing problem for me is they do not have wavy or curly medium length hair. I am told the hair must be longer, than I wear, in order to have a curl.

The club used to have the stylist curl the hair for each client, which accommodated matching their current hair. Now, the hair seems to only come one way, without curl or wave.


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Please reach out to me. I'd be glad to help. E-mail is


Aliya charania is back :(


Hi! Please follow @thereal_hairclub on Instagram for more reviews and stories on how terrible they treat their clients and employees.

Scam, harassment, bullying, and lying. A toxic workplace and shady business practices.

We would love for you to shar your story with our page. The Hair club needs to stop hurting people!!!

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