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Last week I went to the Warwick RI location for a consult. I was shocked they had a next day appt maybe that was a sign in retrospect. We started out by taking photographs on all sides of my head. Then the guy shows me pictures of hair loss types pointing to a pic of heavily balding woman.

I knew my hair looked nothing like that and said something to which he tried to tell me I wouldn't notice because if happens slowly. Let me tell you something there wasn't a woman in this world who wouldn't notice that their part was separated by like to inches.

He then informs me Ive been losing a hair a long time and it must be genetic. First no one in my family even extended family had hair loss issuses. Second I was there to access 2 areas on my head that recived a chemical burn at a salon.

My hair loss wasnt slow I had normal healthy hair when I walked in and alot less hair in some areas no hair when I left.

And on top of that I had been seen by a dermatologist for the last 12 months and sorry hair surgeon for a consult for a hair transplant neither of these licensed professionals diagnosed me with genetic hair loss but this sales guy apparently knows better.

I thought for sure they would try to talk me into hair transplantation but it turns out that the xtrands is actually more expensive and thats why they are pushing people towards Xtrands. Basically told me all my hair was going to fall out so Xtrands was a better option.

It appears they're going for a subtle but not very subtle insult game where are they exaggerate your problem as if your not already upset over the hair loss in order to get you emtional so you dont even think about the costs involved.

The guy was very pushy I thought I was going in for a consult but he was practically dragging me back into their Salon to have this thing installed without even telling me what it was going to cost.

Well he did mention that there was maintenance involved every 6 to 8 weeks he refused to tell me how much that would cost I asked multiple times he kept saying he wanted me to call him I think he didn't want to put in writing what the price was because from what I've read here they keep adding more and more costs. You have to go back weekly one lady said and they make you buy thier products he didnt mention any of that.

I felt very uncomfortable I told him I would need to sleep on it and that was after knowing what the full cost and I still don't have all that information.

I eventually had to pretend to need to use the bathroom or urgently in order to leave the room like he was a literally blocking the door and contining to pitch still carefully avoiding anseering the ?s I had about pricing.

He will be like well let's go back in the salon and meet The Stylist and I would be like well what is it cost and he be like what we could talk about that after like no I'm not getting this thing put in my head and then we're going to talk about it after. Imagine if you went to a car dealer and the sales guy keeps telling you how wonderful the car is and you can drive it out of the lot right now but wouldnt tell you what your were paying for the car? Well thats exactly how they do business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Wow ,thanks for the info. as I was thinking about this option! But will now look for a different solution!

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