This is unbelievable. Do not get involved.

Did you ever here of Scientology.Or just cults in general. Once they shave your head and glue this hair piece on your head you are now considered theres. They call you a member as if your patt of a Gym or something fun or positive. No your more like a member of the Charles Manson family and you do as your leader says.

Reminded me of that movie cats eye. And these three brothers stalk the hair wearers around from town to town to get them to pay there rented hair piece monthly membership fees. They offer you coffee from a keriq coffee pot thats beem there over 5 6 years. Everyones called "being part of there family now" hey brother eveyones hank and bobs brother.

Hey pal hey buddy They never think your upset about paying so much a month for a rented piece of animal hair.That is not being either applied right. Wrong fit. Off color. They say "i know the real reason your upset is your lonely pal " they never accept its a money thing.

A where is my money going every month and what am i paying for here thing.

Absolutely worst thing i ever got invoved in in my life . I now wear two hats instead of one. This *** hair im renting from them and my baseball hat.

I go out less now then when i had my own thinning hair. Because it always looks so obvious.

Im older now i shouldnt have all this hair on my head. I got to get out of this *** Working on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Membership.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Chris Terkalas should have his manager title taken away from him. He is rude,unprofessional,speaks horrible behind customers backs & says terrible things about staff members.He had an unprofessional relationship with,Amy Miller,Aliya Charania & Helen Adamidis.


I read your complaint and they did the same exact thing to me. I'm now an ex-customer.

My hair is now completely shaven off and completely bald. I also had injuries from their glued wigs on my scalp or head and had to seek medical help. It is disgusting that they do this to people.

Again, I'm now completely bald and dam proud of it. Good Luck!!!!

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