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I went to hair club of Hauppauge NY I was scammed into paying 3000 for my first head of hair ( which the consultant told me would last years ) well it only lasted 2 months I was then told I had to join program which cheapest is 300 a month they glue hair to your head it itches smells looks like a cheap toupee I was very unhappy The center was dirty the staff unprofessional when I tried to cancel they told me I couldn’t because I signed a contract I’ve since been trying to leave I even called corporate office ( it’s like trying to leave the mob ) they say I have to stay one year until contract expires this is unfair I will be calling the Better business beaura this company must be stopped look at all their negatives reviews online let’s all come together and file a class action . You should be able to leave without being threatened to be sued !

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Replacement Procedure.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Counter sue .

Hair Club Pros: Management.

Hair Club Cons: Scam and misguided, Stylist forgetting my preferences.

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It’s only matter if time hairclub will be going out of business I give them 3 years max ! With internet destroying all brick and mortar stores more men and women are buying their hair systems on the internet and having their barber or hair stylist cut in the units .you can also go online and purchase your hair get a kit to take your own mold or they can duplicate your old system.I pay 160 for my hairpiece and they cut my for me for an additional 30 dollars and this hair never sheds ,I get a new hairpiece every 4 months I use 4 week tape that holds I go swimming ect.no more smelly gooey glue (that probably causes cancer) so do e math 190 x 4= 760 that’s right for the whole year instead of 3500!!!

So spurge and get 8 or 10 systems and pay 1500 for the year I use a company called hairpiecewharehouse they are wonderful ask for Kaye and cancel your contract and get out of hairclub . I was a member of Hauppauge when my stylist of over 10 years left I refused to go to anyone else so I was forced to do my own homework and I very happy I have a quality product and I’m saving tons of money.


Yeah this center is a scam the stylist are stuck in the 80’s from their wardrobe down to their hair styles the owners are so two faced they call you buddy, pal friend I’m not your buddy or your pal I’m your client !! Start acting professional clean and update they dirty filthy place send the women for training and do your job !!


Only a complete moron would sign up at any hair club you can find high quality hair pieces all over LinkedIn on the internet. Google it.

I pay 100 dollars for my hair piece. Highest quality density color texture is perfect. You can get long thick short 10 % synthetic grey. 50 % any percent.

Human Grey any hair! Only a fool would sign a contract at hank or Bob's hair club. A complete outcry. They should have a class action lawsuit brought against them.

The clients there are brainwashed and scared. They need a lawyer to get released from Hanks headaches of a hair club. Do your homework folks. Your giving them thousands upon thousands of unnecessary money for no apparent reason.

Does not even make sense how people are so easily duped by this arts and crafts center. Your walking into a scam as soon as you enter thier doors.

Save your life savings for your self or your family. Not these dirtbags.


Ongoing fued amongst two long time employees and the owners son Hank bob and Scott. A lot of gossip they drag the clients into the animosity amongst each other.

It has nothing to do with our hair being serviced. We do not care about there ongoing anger over pay. There always late as well. I wait hours sometimes.

Extremely unprofessional.

We are paying to have our hair piece cut colored and styled. Do your job please.


I was a member for several years at hairclub of Hauppauge. I was a very unhappy client there.

The owners Son down to the Stylist there. It wasn't until i finally doing my research and found a new place to have my hair piece styled cut and installed the righ way. After so many years of looking like i was wearing a hair piece now i finally look like i have a natural head of hair. There are other alternatives.

Ask your friends or family Stylists for help in guiding you on where to go. Once you get away from hairclub of Hauppauge Islandia you will feel so much better about the way your hair looks. Finally my friends see how good my hair looks. My wife loves the way my hair looks.

I am so much happier since i finally found a new Solution to my hair loss problem.

There are so many reputable places other then Hauppauge facility. I am now free of the hassle of Hauupauge hair club!


Yes. I read this and I also go to Lillians Hair Systems 2108245299 and have been going to her since 1979. She has a lot of experience and prices are very reasonable

@Amy F 2525

Wow ! You're old


Shave your head,bald is beautiful!


Don't worry...Take that thing off your head,cancel everything & run


You don't have to stay, you just have to pay.

I wish you had checked with this website prior to committing to a $3000.00 job.

Hair Club is notorious for overcharging for goods and providing mediocre service.

A true professional could have you looking great, feeling better, and at about 1/3 of the cost - a well made human hair replacement piece (following an accurate measurement and template creation) should run less than half of what you paid.

Very frustrating, I have empathy for you ; I've had a piece for 25 years and know every possible up or down of the process.

My technician is highly proficient (same lady for 24 years) and does (better than) a very good job. Don't give up ; take your lump now and put the $3000 on your tax return as an uncollectible debt since they can't make you look right and may have violated the terms of the contract themselves.

Then find a nice, private shop whose facilities and results please you. Good luck ! P.S.

I stopped at another hair / wig place to grab some emergency supplies once, and when I asked the lady there for the supplies , she asked "For whom? What sort of piece do they wear ?" When I told her it was for myself, she walked 360 degrees around me and stated in a lovely but clear foreign accent " Is perfect, is perfect ".


Instead of using Hair Club for Men, what company do you use? I wonder if there is one locally (Seattle). Although I am gearing myself up to go totally bald again after more than two decades of using Hair Club...my anger with and towards them is motivating me.


Try Micropigmentation

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