Wow, is HCM still stealing money from the public? This company is a pathetic scam, and unfortunately, I fell victim to their scam back in 1999.

I was young, only 20, and thinning on top. Guys, they glue a tupe on your head, it's not an option!!!

Guess what, I'm 36 now and have a pretty full head of hair. Propecia is a mans best friend.

Stay far away from HCM. they will steal your money, and dignity.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Hair Club Cons: Scam.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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If you think propecia is safe, you are sadly misinformed. Enjoy your sexless life with a non-functioning member and prostate cancer.

But hey, you'll have hair right?



HC in Beachwood is a rip off. The staff is rude, unprofessional,.

They lied to me about regrowth of my own hair.

THIS PLACE SHOULD BE PULLED OFF THE MARKET. Laura, Nikki, Erica...attitude...attitude and liars.


Toronto Ontario is over priced,solution & staff are disappointing.

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