I went to Hairclub for a free evaluation. They told me that they weave the hair into my own.

What a Lie. I told them that I had allergies and could not use their products. I could not have fragrences, and several other chemicals. They lied to me and said that it would work.

They glued it to my head. They don't even know how to make it look natural. They glued it to my forhead, and draped the hair accross my forehead. When I went back to be checked two days latter, I said I did not want this on, because of the allergies.

THEN, THEY TOOK ACCITONE and tried to remove the hair piece. I told themn that I couldn't breath. She said that it was OK. I told her that I needed a towel to cover my nose and mouth, because I could not breath.

When I got home I had a full fledged asthma attack.

They refused to refund my money. They ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS AND LIARS

Store Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Don't take this lying down. Get a lawyer, you have a good case.

Sue for at least $500,000 and the lawyer's gets half. You were going to be in the hospital, and since you have told us all here your experience, you need to be compensated for your horror.

Do it today. The Statute of Limitations runs out after a year, so you please get busy!


Its so nice to have a full thick head of hair. Have fun gluing wigs to your heads *** bois.

P.s. if the glue wears off you can always have someone re nut on your heads to seal it down again lmfao bald headed *** swallowing deuce bags!!!!


If you are going to be a juvenile ***, learn to at least spell. "Deuce" bag?

Bwahahaha! You are the *** bag, not that poor guy.


Why are u so mean? Don't be here if you can't help. Please.


Ignorant piece of ***


The truth is there are only 2 solutions for hair replacement for men. Wig or surgery!

That's it. If you are female or have very long hair you can get weaves or extensions. There are also varying degrees of quality and the better the look the more expensive and more maintenance required. If you can spend 900 + per month and can get in twice a week you can have a very realistic look.

Its what TV News reporters do these days and movie stars (Tom Cruise for example) have done for years. The technology was created for the movies and was not originally designed for long term use. People like flamboyant pianist Lee Liberace were willing to pay big and have a personal stylist to live (daily) with the high-end hairpiece in the 70s. HairClub is a business and they found a way to sell this idea very well.

Misleading? ....yes ...illegal?....not that you can prove at this point. For many its a God send and for others....disturbing and unhealthy. Many people will just reject it, with skin issues and allergies.

The primary clue used (with the best hold and look) will caused many to have symptoms ranging from dizzy spells and memory loss to fatigue. The other clues are much better but are white, more noticeable and less adhesive. The bottom line: if you can spend at leased 400 a month and tolerate the side effects (may include psoriasis and other skin issues) and have a schedule that is flexible to their people (each location may have only one or two people who can really achieve a realistic look (its more art than science and is very dependent of the stylist), then it may very well be worth it. For me its just a lack of options.

I am in the public eye, lost my hair quickly and people would not recognize me. So i had no choice. It is a business decision. So the psoriasis is the price i pay and i can no longer use clue (after a while it was causing issues) and use tape instead.

Its looks pretty good but not perfect. Better in real life than on video. Those are the facts, the choice is yours.

My advice, if you can succeed bald...do it!


The below comments are not accurate. I'm a former General Manager of Hair Club.

Our center explained the proceedure the day of the consultation and did a patch test for the surgical adhesive used for the bonding. Did any of you wonder why they would apply a small amount of an adhesive to you? Our consultants would follow up then next day to see if the person had any sort of a reaction.

If there was a reaction, we would try an alternative adhesive. If that didn't work, we refunded the money.


People please make your own individual separate report instead of making comments here.it'll be more effective if you all just make one separate report on how you've been scammed ripped off by hair club..hair club is rip off scam.


In December of 2012 I saw an infomercial for your company (Hair Club) and called the number to schedule an appointment. In January 2013 I had the appointment, and the sales rep actually explained things exactly the way the infomercial did, very evasively, and not direct at all, but very convincingly.

I was given a booklet that indicated two different procedures other than the one I received. I did sign the contract believing I was getting the strand by strand procedure. The very next day called to cancel because I had too many unanswered questions. The sales rep “convinced” me again that this would be the best investment I made.

My impression and my understanding was that I would receive “new hair” that was “weaved” strand by strand in with my hair giving it a natural look. Under no circumstance was I ever shown, told, or explained to, that what I was actually getting was a “weave” of hair that would be glued to my scalp and looked and felt like a Jewish Yahmaka with hair, nothing more than a Toupee. I was scheduled for a pre-check in which I understand they are to test for allergies. My pre-check appoint was only to review hair styles that I may like.

Allergy testing was never done. Finally the appointment for the new hair was made. The appointment was April 10th at 4:45 pm (not giving me time to remove it “immediately “. When I asked why it was a one piece and glued to my head and not “weave into my hair” like I thought it was going to be, it was then explained to me that this is the only option for me, I reluctantly went through with the procedure because after investing $2784.00 dollars to that date I didn’t feel I had a way out.

I immediately did tell the stylist that it was very uncomfortable, she said it would just take time to adjust to the “feeling” and I could eventually cut my own hair to make it more comfortable. Twenty four hours later I went for my check up I told the stylist that my head hurt , I was very uncomfortable, and I had a low grade headache the whole time. I was then told to give it time to get use to and time to adjust to wearing the weave. Never was I told that not removing it “immediately” would cost me $2784.00 dollars.

On April 11th I called and said I had to have it removed, it was too uncomfortable and I had a constant headache since applying it. On April 12th it was removed.

So , is it buyer’s remorse, no, if I had been explained in full and told exactly what was going to happen and how it was going to happen I would not have gone through with it. My problem is that I was misled into believing this was something it’s not and after going through with it, found the product to be uncomfortable, highly noticeable, painful, and just down right “gross”.

Two co-workers asked me if I had a wig on, I felt like an old man with a toupee attached to my head.


Hair club is a scam remember hair clubs so called Bio Matrix is rather a ratty looking off the shelf WIG or better toupee with outrageous cost of well above 200-4000$ one can easily purchase for fraction of price online no contract money back Guaranteed already cut.. I've been doing this way since last year so can you.proficiencyp@yahoo.ca i'm a hair clubs victim of rip off scam conspiracy..


I've noticed that many people accusing the positive posts of being fake. I don't care if you don't agree with what I say and I don't really care if you say I'm not real or my story is not real, if it helps you to cope with the fact that not every one had a bad experience like you then what ever, that's your problem.

I'm 18 years old and I have recently started to grow back which I lost to chemo treatment. Hair club gave me a wonderful break from wearing hats and being embarrassed in public. Due to skin sensitivity on chemo they put sticky tabs on the wig so I can take it on and off, later they glued it and gave me a citrus solvent to take it of, it was not acetone or alcohol but more like an oil so it wouldn't hurt my skin. Then when my hair started growing back instead of shaving it, they sewed clips in the wig so I could clip it on to my head and take it off at night.

The wigs looked natural and were comfortable to wear. Sorry to hear some of you had bad luck on the matter but it doesn't mean the company itself is bad.


Dani, I'm happy that someone had a good out come with them. I didn't.

They did misrepresent what they were going to do. It seems to me they could get business the honest way and not trick people into something they don't want.


Hey we also welcome hair clubs paid agents here...


You would not be here making baseless comments if you were not working for hair club so get real....


The negative comments are by the comptetitiors of Hair Club. I had my hair done by hairclub.

They are amazing.

God bless them. I am not bolf anymore...

You think I would post the above...they are fake...screw them


bull ***

I spent enough money to save my hair and yet I keep losing hair as before. They're just ripping people off and someone has to stop them.


Remember most hair club products are not FDA approved. if you insist to continue to use same products then save money by buying them on your own and online for fraction of price one pays hair club..


you are an employee of HCMW SCAM,RIP OFF rather corrupt,ignorant,a fool... join this two liar, conspirators named Simon D'sousa and Nillofar(Nellie) Mahravan in Toronto Canada..you make a good team..


:( to all please keep on posting. not only here but all on line sites.

it works. some of us are indeed in or will taking this fraudulent company to court. like myself. after being lied to,cheated,ignoring my constant problems with WIG they tried to get reed of me.using lies,conspiracy they faked a story by some bun-co artists sales person and her friend manager wrote to head office that i'm a threat?

yes just because while still a member i was demanding loud and clear.give back my money or court.they got out all right but ever since I've been writing to BBB, Canadian consumers protections,once done i will take this conning company to court..keep on posting at least once a two weeks,link it to Google or tweet,face book.....comes handy in court or write to attorney general of Florida miss pam Bundy. thanks toronto canada.


I spent thousands to save my hair and lost even more after using my products and shampoos, Please someone help me take them to court or complain more effectively

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