I am currently a member of Hair Club in Canada. The commercials tricked me into thinking that this company would be able to help me with my hair loss at the top of my head, and give me my confidence back.

:(( They told me my hair would not grow back and shaved it further so the glue would stick better for the cap they had to put on my head (so they said, found out later not true)> There are so many new products available for hair loss that I am not able to try because of Hair club, their products are awful and actually makes the hair that they supply worse and loosens the glue so you have to go back to them. It is nothing but a money making scheme and I am truly disappointed. I am up to $2500.00 over the last 7 months and still not happy with the hair they provided. I have asked to just have salon visits that might be more affordable but they say no.

The most affordable is one salon visit every six weeks for $371.00 per mth(down from over$450. per mth 2 visits every six weeks) plus you have to buy their products. It is so sad how business takes advantage of peoples weaknessess. I do not recommend Hair Club the best solution would be to buy a lace wig and treat your scalp with products to help the hair grow.

There is no future with this company what if you clients was to lose their income or become sick then what??? SHAME ON YOU HAIR CLUB START HELPING YOUR CLIENTS NOT BANK ROBBING THEM.HAIR MASK NOT SOLUTION

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hair Club Pros: Stylist.

Hair Club Cons: Scam, Dishonesty.

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I'm curious as to why anybody would allow them to shave your head first : not run?


It's a glued on wig


I've used glued on wigs before and never had to shave my head. It's clearly a scam to make there clients fell hopeless and dependent, because most people aren't comfortable walking around bald so they will keep coming back for the wig and the services.


sounds painful


It seems that the majority of HC clients would agree that they've been scammed, lied to, misled, and robbed of their money and dignity. This also includes myself.

I chose not to give these thieves any more of my time and money.

with all of the claims and complaints against them I cannot believe that they still are able to operate. I have found an alternative to using HC, let me know if you want additional info on what I have done.


Can you please let me know the what other alternatives do you have and other info?


Hi there!

Sorry to hear that...but appreciate all the warning reviews before I made the same mistake!

I'd love to hear what you have found that does work please.

Many thanks!



Shave your head

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