Hair club has outrageous prices. My stylist in South Florida will custom order a piece and install it, styled, colored, for just $200. Her pieces look undetectable and only require a reset, recolor, every 3 weeks; $40. Her manufacturer is in China and she still makes a profit.

For those who are unaware, hairpieces are usually set on your head with an adhesive. I've heard other complaints that hair club will totally shave someone's head. This is ridiculous. My hairdresser applies a small line of adhesive around the perimeter of the piece. She will cut the piece to fit exactly my hairline and then style and color match it to my hair. The piece base is made of a very fine mesh that breathes so you don't really feel like there's anything on your head. Because your body sweat and regular wear will cause the adhesive to loosen within a few weeks, the piece needs to be reset every 3 or so weeks and she only charges $40 to do that including hair color, cleaning the piece, etc. So for you guys and gals spending a fortune with a big company and having to sign contracts and stuff, you are getting majorly ripped off.

I've been scammed from a so called 'professional' company twice from Utah so now avoid dealing with any snake oil salesmen from that part of the country. Their predecessors were selling snake oil remedies more than a hundred years ago and their kids are still at it.

If you're in south Florida my hairdresser can be found at www.aaahhsomehair.com

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

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