The stylist in the Hoover Al office shaved my head and glued a full headpiece to my scalp. Hair Club recomends you wash your hair about every 2 or 3 days.

Everytime you get it wet you are suppose to apply a scalp cleanser called "Alive". This is a antiseptic used to help with the itching and cleanse your scalp. Doesn't work! Your scalp will still itch so bad.

The glue smells really bad once it gets wet.

The chemicals that are in the glue are damaging your scalp to the point it can cause redness, rashes and even make your scalp raw. This is a horrible product.

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Alive is NOT an antiseptic at all, it is an enzyme solution. I wash my scalp every day, if you have an oily scalp, you have to. if you ask your stylist to wash your scalp more than once or twice, they will so your scalp does not itch.


I have had a good experience with Alive. It eliminates itching.

I have no itching. Also I don't experience a smell that is bad.


Hair Club For Men is a complete rip off...they put in a contract but never tell you that wants you pay the original contract you have to buy a $365 maintaining contract to keep your wig in proper shape but have to have replacements every couple of months...I rather deal with a used car salesman then with them...they don't even wear a mask and still rob you...


:( don't just give up nor stop posting!! keep on posting what this club has done to you or yours.it works once federal government wants to cancel this club license.link your complains to all on line sites.at least once a week make a complain or comment.this club should and will pay for all it's wrong.this club is all about selling WIGS with out outrageous fees.go on line do all your shopping and you will save your mortgage I promise you all.leave hair club for men and women.


I used to have a social life. Afterl hair club .

I stay in more than I ever do I wear a hat on weekends. When I try to get help I'm told to use watered down products

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