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All that's important to them is the money !!! They will give you every excuse in the book to defend their poor quality toupee instead of giving you the quality system you are paying for and I mean PAYING for.

If your not happy with their service , their answer is to upgrade to the best or the gold or platinum service which is ridiculous in price. Plus your have to buy all their products which are way, way overpriced it's a joke.

Do your research take it from me their are way better places out there for Quality systems with NO SIGNING OF CONTRACTS. STAY AWAY FROM HAIRCLUB OF HAUPPAUGE !

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Carmella sold herself for a car and crib. Bitter old bully


Nobody like Carmella she scares everyone anyway.


Carmella never grew up she just got old and bitter still stuck in her high school bully baby ways into her fifties. The girl that sold herself for a crib and car


She wore a bad weave


The most immature group of stylists and the owners sons is this really perverted immature dude. You'll be mocked and robbed as soon as you sign on the dotted line- hair renter center beware it's all a grande scam


Sandy and her corny "secret agenda" theories. How wetbrained she is.


Sandy slaughtered every Hairpiece she ever worked on for me or shall I say butchered on for me_Scarey. I still have nightmares Buyer beware


Sloppy work sloppy styling little to no talent or craftmanship. Stylist overcompansates the lack of quality of cut with rambling conversation.

More effort gets put into 20 dollar or above tippers. Lazy unethical work ethics.

Hank resells used hair pieces/refurbished previously worn to people he calls mastic thrash /spanish or lowlives. Unethical work practices


big pig fat baby hank now go run and tell daddy while your two brothers and sister sit back and laugh at you. Such a sad desperate little boy in a fat mans body hank is.

He preys on the balding meek and weak man. He couldnt hold a job so his father had to buy a business to try to keep Hanks head above water. No body likes hank his father and him have RIP roaring fights in this center or shall I say institution on a daily basis. Hank pockets the cash paying clients.

Robs his father writes checks to himself that mr hank constantly questions hank for. Hank refuses to find another job. So the father keeps him employed as the stylist manager. Arby's was Hanks last job.

He should consider going back to flipping meat and not Hairpieces. Consumer go buy your hair piece for 100 dollars. Gorgeous human hair. It's very easy.

Use your brain people. So simple. Stop being intimidated by this complete moron hank. If you only focused a little.

Do your homework. Take a chance place an order on line. Wait the 12 weeks get your first custom hair piece. You'll be mortified at how foolish you've been giving thousands upon thousands to this place.

This lazy crook. Get it together. Be your own hairstylist. Easy math.

Stop the wasteful spending. Who is hank? Hes a third party. Eliminate the middle man.

Buy directly from the source. It's perfect. No worries. Hank isnt the only one with connections to hair distributors.

Real human hair yes. 100 dollars. 80 dollars. For gods sake..take some time out of your busy lifes and focus.

Do your homework. Linkedin..hair pieces. Look in the usa if you feel more comfortable at first. It gets cheaper the closer you make your way to the factory.

They sell to the public. Hank isnt anybody special. You can do it yourself. Hank is just like a mother your going to put your dinner in the microwave.

Meanwhile you can do this simple task yourself. You got this guys.


Hank the skank


Stylists have died working here. No windows .

No ventilation. No air conditioning barely.

Osha has been notified. Class action law suit is being prepared by the deceased womans family.


Poor Karma she always said that place was killing her. The ongoing battles with that family trying to be a stylist and not a clown for the clients is all she strived to be


I went to the gym and met a older guy his name was Louis Cacciatore jr he told me he went to hair club in hauppauge years. So I came in to see for myself what he was talking about.

Wow was he right. Louis told me how the owners Son Hank was Gay . How hank had a massive crush on Lou and would STALK Lou from gym to gym. Lou told me how hank would check louie out all the time in the restrooms at the gym.

Lou also told me how he seen hank on several occasions talking in the parking lot in the corner of hair club to another man. Louie said it looked so suspicious that he believed hank was married only as a cover up to hide his homosexuality. Louie told me he didn't know how to get out of this place. That hank had a contract on Lou and Lou feels hank thinks lou and hank are engaged and will be married one day.

Lou is devasted. Lou said they shaved all his hair off one day when he went in for a simple consultation and slapped this wig on him. Now hes part of thier wierd cult. After meeting with this guy hank I felt what lou said is true.

Hank was trying to persuade me into a room to look at hair pieces. Luckily I talked my way out of it and back down the hallway to the front lobby. This is a strange place. I feel bad for this guy Lou he said Hanks father also follows him from gym to gym that he sees this father and son everywhere and hes actually scared.

He said there stalking him and bullying him to upgrade his now paying 450 a month about just to have this hair on his head. He always wears a hat too. Louie told me he threw in the towel already and he feels he will eventually be the president of this hair club. That hank and the father like Lou so much hes going to get back all the money he has invested in his Hairpieces over the years buy now being Hanks partner or just buying the place.

I said lou are you sure you are going to really be the president of this hair club. Lou Cacciatorre jr said " mark my words I'm the next president of hairclub in hauppauge" lou said" when I get my pension ,,hank and hank like me so much,watch I'm going to buy this place,and all this money I've spent over the years I'm going to get every penny back". I'm writing this because this guy Louis use to be normal back in the day. Not only myself but all his friends noticed how different and wierd hes become since getting involved with this place and these two guys hank and hank.

I myself seen it for myself. This is a running scam they got going over there and if you dont want to end up bullied and your life in a total spin of mass confusion and delusion like Louis Cacciatore jrs life has now become since being involved with this place. I recommend steering clear. Poor lou is now suffering mental health issues.

Louie confided in me hes seeing a psychiatrist over this guy hank. Lou also has wierd bumps growing under his hair piece now. Not a healthy alternative the dr recommends to take the piece off Louis said. But lou is determined to be the president of this place.

I'm scared for him or anyone that steps foot in this place. Negative wierd vibes.


Jeez wow really weird guy this guy Hank.I’m am openly gay I went there fir consultant with my significant other I signed up for ext which never worked through away 3000 I would go every month for haircut and treatment when Heather told me that it’s Rogain minoxidil she said go to cvs spend 20 bucks and save your money . Hank cornered me in the reception area and asked where my boyfriend was I told him we broke up and he asked me out.

I thought he was married I guess he’s bi curious any way not cool Hank and your not my type . I felt weird so I never went back thanks heather for telling me what they really use and charge 3000 for 6 months what a rip off


Only a complete ignorant fool would sign up to hair club. As soon as you walk through those doors your the victim of the scam they're running on your.

Do your homework. Go on LinkedIn Google It. I get beautiful hair pieces for 100 dollars. Perfect color match texture density fits better then when I was a member here several years.

My grey percentage is perfect also. Human hair. Synthetic hair all the above. Go directly to the source.

You dont need this arts and crafts ridiculous center. Think clear your life savings and hardwork belong going to yourself and family not this outright complete Lie of a so called hair replacement business. I now have the comfortable lifestyle I always could have had if I wasn't giving this place all my money for ongoing headaches and uncomfortable hair pieces throughout the years.

I dont have cysts or red blotches on my scalp anymore. LinkedIn- hair replacement- hair pieces- toupee


Birds of a feather flock together. The most unstable group of aging woman struggling to make ends meet work for this institution.

Such a sad desperate attempt to pay thier bills posing to be hairstylist. The costumes they wear to work . One woman looks and acts like Mrs roper on crack!! Never seen anything like this before.

Clients refer to them as bizarre. It's like a morgue in there. Far from an artist den . No creative atmosphere.

More like a circus act. People are shocked what these poor poor woman are doing for tips. Desperate attempts to pay for there rooms to rent. So sad.

I felt bad for them.

Keep trying ladies keep your heads up. This to shall pass


The person writing these fake reviews , is a former employee who is very disturbed


This woman sandy says shes been there 18 years at this center no wonder why she has no idea how to cut or style hair. Shes never been out in the field learning any of the latest haircuts or styles.

She is so lazy when she did my hair piece that Costs me good money. She literally plopped it on my head and razor it to shreds. Disgusting place and people!

Calling the better business bureau. Flakey stylists.


These fake reviews are writing by a former employee who is bitter because she lost her job


Clients dont allow Hank to instill fear in you if you want to find another center or option for your specific needs. Their are other options.

Speak to a lawyer. Know the law before you get involved with this big baby. He really has no job their hes a third party. Its really between you and your stylist.

Go online Order your hair piece tape and glue(bond) you can even do it yourself. Very easy. Watch a youtube video. Applying a hair piece.

It making a mold. Havr your girlfriend help you if really needed. Smarten up. You got this.

A little finger and arm dexterity. You can do this all by yourself. Focus. Learn something new.

You'll be asking yourself why have you been going to hairclub in the first place. Hank bullies girls and bald guys.

Dont sign on the dotted line. I promise it you'll regret being part of his cult family

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