Hair Clu messed up the mesurements of my head, orderd the wrong hair, used a permanent hair color, gued the hair to my head, removed the glued hair from my head after the dissaster, admitted their mistake, had me sign a 100% refund within 30 days, dodged all my telephone calls ( all I wanted to ask was what type of color was on my hair, permanent or semi-permanent ), 30 days have come and gone, can't put any chemicals on my hair because they used a permanent color an $%&! Up my hair care options untill the color grows out ( right..my hair is going to grow out realy fast).

That's the long and short oh it. Oh, by the way, this happened at the Houston location, and supervised by the "manager".

Monetary Loss: $1950.

Location: Stafford, Texas

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It is so comforting to know that HCMW monitor their complaint sites. Ahhhhh!


Just to do him all over again...stay the *** away from this scam hair club..

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