I have been in the unfortunate position to have to use hair replacement systems for many years after a chronic illness caused me to lose my hair, and, as a woman, I have not had the courage to just accept baldness. As a result I have used several hair replacement stylists, and companies and conclude that Hair Club is the least horrible of the ones I have dealt with.

First, I will say that any replacement system will never be as good, or look as good, as your own hair. If anybody is going to try a hair system, which is basically just a fancy name for a wig, that person must be realistic about what a company or stylist can actually accomplish.

The hair systems I have tried have been attached to my head by different means: tape, glue, clips, and even sewn to my own thin hair when I had hair.

I have done business with individual stylists, bought my own hair systems on line, and entered into contracts with three different national companies, including HC.

I will tell you what I have learned in my long history of hair replacment systems:

1. None of these systems were ever completely undetectable, and no system out there ever will be, but certain systems were less detectable than others. For instance, human hair is more natural looking than synthetic, medium to heavy density is the most natural looking, I think, and full lace caps are less detectible than any other material.

2. All hair systems that are glued or taped to your head will come up, and come loose after just a few days. If you use this type of system ( I use a combination of glue and tape) which, for me, feels the most securely attached, you will have to learn how to re-secure the system yourself almost every day and in between salon appointments, which is pretty simple to do.

3. No hair, no matter if its virgin, remy, human, synthetic, Indian, Chinese, or hair from an alien from outer space, is going to last more than a few weeks, or even a few months before it will either have to be thrown away or sent in to have more hair added to it. Whenever you comb your hair, wash it or style it, some hairs are going to break or fall out, and, obviously, since it doesn't grow back, you will eventually be left with stringy hair and/or bald spots if you don't buy a new one or send it in to have hair added. I find my systems have not lasted more than 2 weeks, so I bought 26 heads of hair, and have a new one applied every two weeks.

4. All hair systems will need to be washed every 3-4 days as they get dull and stiff and can start to smell. You must be careful when you are washing the system. Comb it out before you wash, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, do not rub it a lot when you are washing it, apply a shine gloss or detangler, comb it out again, and let it air dry as much as possible before styling, and never use super high heat when drying or styling.

5. I have found individual stylists to be unreliable and go out of business very often. They are also difficult to reach if you have an emergency, usually doing business on a cell phone and if they don't feel like answering their cell phone, you are out of luck. So if you need regular service, you may want to consider a bigger company that is more established. Also individual stylists tend to cost a little less than the bigger companies, but I don't mind paying more, for more reliable service.

6. Buying your own hair on line costs less, but it is very difficult to figure out what kind of hair to order, how to measure your head correctly for a custom fit and then you have to apply it yourself, which I found impossible to do even though I have been using a hair system for years. However, I have known people who find this option a good one if they use clip on hair pieces and once they figure out how to correctly measure their heads, and pick the right color, type, density, and texture of hair they need. They also have to find a good stylist who can do a good job cutting the system in.

7. Bigger companies will require you to sign a contract for service, and None of the three I used offered a refund for cancelling the contract, for client dissatisfaction with their produce or service, including HC. So if you are not sure about getting a hair system, do a lot of research, read reviews, go talk to the actual clients, and if you do decide to try a hair system, buy just one head of hair to see how you like it, or enter into the least expensive, shortest contract they offer before you enter into a long term, more expensive comittment

8. Bigger companies usually will cost more than most individual stylists or buying on line. One company I used cost more than HC, and one cost a little less. And then there is one international company out there that I did not do business with as they wanted to charge me $7,000 for two heads of custom made hair, which was basically the same wig glued to my head as I had for years. Outrageous. Even more outrageous is that this company said one head of hair would last 3-4 years. BS! I declined to sign that contract and as I was walking out of their office, another woman was walking in who was very angry and she said, I hope you didn't sign up for this rip-off and proceeded to tell me that it took her almost 4 months to get the hair they "custom made" for her, and when she finally got it, it didn't fit and was the wrong color. She told the stylist at the time it was put on, but the stylist told her to call and make an appointment to come back in to fix it. She went back 5 days later for her appointment to fix it, and they told her it would have to be sent back in to be repaird and they wanted to charge her an additional $350.00 to fix it. When she refused to pay for their mistake they told her to leave. She was returning that day to meet with the manager. I don't know what happened to her, but I imagine it wasn't good.

9. After all of my experiences, I chose Hair Club. Hair Club hair quality is average, the hair is not undetectable, it comes up, it wears out, I have to sign a contract which is non-refundable, and it costs me about the same as some people pay for a mortgage each month, but I stayed with them because I found them to be reliable. If I need an appointment to accommodate a special ocassion, or if the hair needs to be fixed, or if I want to change the color, my requests have always been met. My stylist has a great deal of experience handling hair systems and that makes a difference in how well they are applied, how they look and how long they last. Is HC perfect, no way. I think they are overpriced, they exaggerate the quality of their products, and their product is no better than any other system, but HC is the best I have found.

This is just my experience, other people might have a different opinion of HC based on their own experiences. I just urge everyone to do your homework before you sign a contract or give someone a lot of money, and be realistic about what a hair system can actually do.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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I am in no way "bad-mouthing" HC as they have been around for many, many years and are apparently doing something right to stay in business as long as they have.

However, I am a hairdresser of 45 years, own an individual hair replacement studio, have spent thousands of dollars on my education and I take my responsibility to that very seriously.

My clients have my cell# in case they run into a problem ( which, fortunately, rarely happens )and I have a co-worker who is my back-up in case I cannot be available. Either he or I, at any given time, have stayed late, come in early and on occasion met with a client on a Sunday when the situation called for it.

That having been said, I will go onto the hair itself.

One hair system will NEVER last 3-4 years; unless it is a full wig, the finest European hair, only worn on a daily basis and handled with the utmost of gentle care. If the hair is matting, dry and brittle it is because the processing the hair has been through was extensive. The majority of hair comes from China and India, usually good quality in its natural state, but to get that darkest brown color to a light brown or blonde takes an amazing amount of processing, which effects the hair dramatically.

As far as the system lifting off within a day or two ... all bonding material performance is predicated on body chemistry.

It is imperative upon consultation to determine maintenance routine, and lifestyle; and the prep of the scalp and system critical.

My message here is, the loss of one's hair can be a traumatic and expensive experience, in addition to the fact that the vulnerability of a client allows for unethical practices, which is why I am extremely particular about the hair I choose to sell and treat my clients with kid gloves. My advice is before you commit to anything or sign on the dotted line of any exorbitant contracts; research, research, research.

Ask questions and do not let anyone pressure you into anything that you may not be totally comfortable with. If you are considering a new studio, please feel free contact me at Alternative Hair Solutions in Charlottesville, Virginia jeanbrickwedde@gmail.com


I agree with you on HC. It is very expensive you only get 3 new hair systems per year and a Hairstylist visit every 6 weeks for $299 per month.

This is after you have paid $3999 to join the club.

If you want more hair systems and hairstylist visit is will cost you up to $599 per month. In addition to the cost to join the club.


It seems like she paid by Hairclub to write this review.. she is discretely promoting hairclub and by pointing out flaws of other options !!!


Hi sorry to hear the horror in the Hair Replacement World. As a result of the deception and injustice I decided to open my own Hair Replacement Studio.

It touch me so much to see and feel the pain of so many. I have been in business for 14 years I love what I do helping people and being creative is my dream job. I offer free consultations.

Will cut In units brought on line.

Appointment available with in a week, 24 hours for emergencies.

Please e mail me at


Putting YOU Before Profit.


I know what you mean, i made a lot of online shop (even Chinese suppliers) before to find the shop i really like (jeveuxmescheveux.fr) and it is way better than hair club


Could you tell me the name of a reliable company the sells the same type of lace systems HCM utilizes.?


Apollo hair system


My first and last experience with Hair Club was not good. I have used other sources for hair in the past 25 years, so I speak from experience.

Hair Club is out to get you to sign a contract. If you have plenty of money to burn, then try it. But hair pieces are hair pieces and much of being happy depends on the local stylist (and they change often ... be aware) My stylist with Hair Club was a nice lady, but surely incompetent when it comes to hair pieces.

She admitted she was a "barber". She was not a "stylist." She spent 8 minutes cutting the new unit .... and it looked like it too.

Be informed. There are others who can provide the same or better quality for less money.


Thank you for your realistic, objective report. It is helpfult to people like me thinking about joining.


"Is HC perfect, no way. I think they are overpriced, they exaggerate the quality of their products, and their product is no better than any other system, but HC is the best I have found.

" really .. !! how much is HC paying her to write this entire review..

realistic objective is to promote HC!!

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