Hair Club For Men's "consultant" is nothing but a trashy, smooth-talking salesperson. In the so-called "free consultation", I was informed that their awesome product was not a wig.

Like an ***, I let the "consultant" rush me into signing their rip-off contract.

When their amazing product arrived, it was nothing but a cheap, obviously fake wig stuffed in an envelope!! By the way, she did not tell me that they were going to shave my existing hair till AFTER I was dubbed into signing. What a scam!!

I intend to fight this outrage because I'm not dissatisfied, I was just ripped-off.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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I went to Hair Club a couple of years ago. My bangs were falling out.

They charges me about $2,500 and to date my bangs have never come back.

Also, for two years I haven't had to shave my legs or under arms so Hair Club has done me no good. I still had to pay them.


Hair Club is a scam, pure and simple. It is a wig glued to your head.

They got me good! I am a black man with Denzel Washington looking hair. They gave me a Mexican hairpiece with huge curls. I left the Hair Club center and went straight to the mall and I heard an old lady tell her husband, "look honey, he's wearing a toupe!" The next day I had them remove it and I never looked back.

Also, they don't inform you till the very end that you have to spend hundreds per month on anti-itch sprays.

Don't do this! I warned you.


Other than sometimes their stylist are *** and moody and cancel your appointments anytime they wish, and every 2 yrs they raise their prices by like 8 bucks, other than that I have no problem with the hair, it was a good decision I mad 10 yrs ago.


As a stylist and woman, I suggest going to a well educated stylist who will give you a fantastic hair cut!!!!! Save the $$$ on these plugs and hair club, go buy a trendy new wardrobe, and walk with confidence.

Nothing is more handsome then a man comfortable in his own skin. At the end of the day, it's only just hair....


i went to hair club just for a consultation and they convinced me to buy the biomatrix, after many months of waiting for the hairpiece to arrive, they put the *** thing on my head and it was the wrong size and stuff but i dealt with it, and they suggested that they were going to give me a free hairpiece cuz they got the wrong measurements and it was their fault, so i went back assuming the next hairpiece was ready after waiting 3 months and they keep making excuses and lies about they never having suggested giving me a refund and that i needed to get on the *** program and pay $259a month (A *** lie) first they said $130, so i suggested that i wanted to speak to the female supervisor who was a major clucksucking *** and was really rude and *** and i felt feeling angry and helpless! everyone who works there is a fake souless puppet!

dont trust this *** company, youll leave feeling worst than before! dont trust this company!


Agreed...Go online do all your shopping including hair systems pay fraction of price with it save hundreds monthly thousands yearly Guaranteed...


Bill you are 100% correct no one in their right mind would be happy with the *** they try to pass off as real. It would be EZ to go someplace else but they make it very hard to get your money back.

Guess they say if we were dumb enough to give them our money in the 1st place we would be dumb enough to think they are not employees of the company. Shamefull.


Thank You all for your posts. I just saw a commercial and thought that it would help me. As a woman, it sucks losing my hair. In the corporate world women are judged for being overweight. It's worse if they are losing their hair.

My alternative that has been helping: ORGANIC soaps and shampoos. For some reason the world has decided to pour chemicals on our skin, teeth and hair and call it safe. It is not. Any product with Sulfates in it will slowly kill your hair follicles.

Switch to organics shampoos. Sulfate, Alcohol and Paraben FREE. Take extra Biotin vitamins. In six months to a year you will see dramatic results.

These products can be found online or at any health store.

Again THANK YOU. I thought Hair Club would be a quick fix. I can't afford to waste money. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


Go to you nearest beauty store and get a half cap for $40-$80(if yoyour light on the wallet) or $100-$200(if you have it). You can get on 100% virgin human hair and if you blend it properly it will look 1000% percent natural


The Orange office is a group of car salesmen. Upon signing the contract they promised me the world along with telling me that if I wasn't satisfied that I could get out of my contract.

Of course that was a big fat lie. The wig is terrible, itchy, fake looking and shiny brassy hard hair. OMG, I can't believe that people can live with themselves after lying to other people as they do every day. I told the salesperson I didn't mind signing a contract as long as I am happy with the services and was informed that they are such a large organization and they wouldn't have gotten that large if their clients weren't extremely happy.

Now I know that the reason they are so large is due to ripping people off. They informed me that if I didn't pay 100 to 200 tip to stylist that is was rude. So the first time I gave the hair stylist 50 dollars and sure enough I was called into the office asking why I didn't tip prpperly & asked why. I told them that I've never paid that much in a tip but unfortunatly now I get mean looks when I go in and they make me wait 40 min every time and they are so rude to me.

I'm so sad and more depressed now than I was going into this place.

Once they get your money it's over, they turn into very rude people. I hired an attorney and during this process I have documented every event and contacted my bank to cancel payments which they have done but I just want this nightmare to be over with.


now I'm buying the same wig ON LINE the very same wig for only fraction of what hair club charged me and you all. i consider myself one happy camper.hair club charged me up to 7k yearly and now only few hundred yearly..*** with hair club.go on line and you will see.


Where did u buy the hairpiece online, I want to get hair club out of my life, message me devongrace18@yahoo.com


hi, I've just sent you an email i hope it finds you well .....you can also contact me by my email address....


Something wrong with your email address, send me an email at proficiencyp@yahoo.ca


i am an lucky ex client of hcm.after constant failure of the wig they shoved down my throat i finally lost it and began complaining(mind you they did little or nothing at all) which resulted in my expulsion and cancellation of my membership.i faxed a letter citing all problems i been having with hair piece(wig)including lifting ,coming off lose,bad smell and demanded refund well guess what hours later i was signed out.days later sent me a letter telling me that i have been engaged in bad behavior and that's harassment to our employees.you can't coming or be trespassing.of course i contacted BBB AND others which is on going with this bad club.my experience with hair club for men and women is been distress and emotional stressed.i went on line found another company bought the same hair piece for guess how much/ fraction of it.only $171 a wear.i will try to keep for three months..I'm already saving hundreds.


sounds good!:) so whats the name of the company cuz im also considering leaving hcm, plaese let me know:)


It's called HD..On their home page you find their contact numbers,email and location..


Rip off, after I signed the contract like an ***, they shaved the top of my head so I had no choice. Then tried to talk me into a more expensive piece.

I couldn't swim with it, it stunk no matter how much I went by the directions, it itched, it got bleached out quick in the sun it was messy and tangled too much maintainance.

People DID notice my family said something the first day they saw it!!LOL save your money these people are liars and cheats *** If I had my way I'd shave all their heads, men and women's who conned me into this and send them intot he public. A lesson learned my fault, hope I can save someone and their hard earned money by this.


I had hair loss & consulted Hair club for some restoration process, I talked of hair transplant but they replied such procedures is costly instead they offer me the biometric method. Told me its your real hair & since your hair grows every weeks you have to visit Hair Club regularly to trim it.

I was not told that it is a wig sticked over you existing hair w/c is made hard by chemical means & on the scalp. Monthly maintenance is required to fix hair. The procedures was pretty bad, hair fix with a glue over your scalp and existing hair. Too itchy, cant sleep a night.

Had it removed my self after a week. Ringworms like pattern over the covered scalp formed.

I loss 4K for the total procedure. They are *** scammers.


Wonderful comment!!! And very honest too

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