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A relative of mine joined the Seattle Hair Club. One of the hair technicians started "flirting" with him in order to obtain larger tips. She then manipulated him into a "inappropriate relationship". She contacted him via text, cell and even continued to request him to come to her home for a "personal favor". This employee knew my relative was married, but that didn't stop her from pursuing him. Since she works with a majority of men, 8 hours a day 5 days a week, of course she was knowledgeable in sports, cars and men's opinions. She played this game on him as well as numerous other male clients. She even commented to his wife when she was confronted about her game, that she has lots of "male" clients who have become friends. She continued to say that the men have "low self-esteem & a fear of being bald", that she "helps them" with that and they in turn "help her". They give her gifts and do her favors!

Shortly after his wife confronted the woman and the Hair Club, my relative was switched to another technician, who started doing the same thing!

Remember the men are alone in private rooms with these technicians. The employees at the hair club flirt, massage, manipulate and mind warp the male clients for their own personal gain. Some just do it for tips, other are actually trying to snag a wealthy man, Married or Not!

Shame on those woman! and shame on the owners allowing them to act that way.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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This sound like every other job that involves woman and tips.

who gives a ***

It's the guys choice to unzip his pants not hers.

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