I had my 'free' consultaions with "BOB" at Hair Club on *** St. in Knoxville TN.

I was promised that if I did the 'biomatrix' hair replacement that it WOULD NOT damage my hair, and that I would receive ALL my money back !00% of $1500 if not satisfied. I was never given the patch test to see if my hair was strong enough that is listed on the contract. The contract is written so tiny and is so long, and I trusted BOB and just did it without reading...that is ***. My hair was ripped from my head in dime sized bald spots by this process.

I was treated horribly when I asked for my money back after it was removed, and told that no, I MIGHT get 50% if corporate headquarters agreed, and they tried to sell me more!

I have never been so humiliated, or had my own hair blamed for the problem and the damage it recieved. There was NEVER any show of appology, any regret on their part, any humanity shown to me, except for Rhonda the beauticion who was an angel and compassionate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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i pay 3000 and they goin to put glue on my head , is something i can do before is to late?


YES, they are going to GLUE a wig to your head and yes you will pay an outragous amount for it!!!!

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