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I am so annoyed with Hair Club! When I first went to them I was told I was purchasing a package that gave me 3 new hairstyles in 6 months, the month after i got my hair they gave me new hair I asked why and was told that's the plan I am on you get 3 new styles but new hair in that style every month to keep it fresh and clean.

I said ok. So the next month I am expecting my new hair but nothing when I asked they said oh no we made a mistake you don't get new hair. So when it came time for me to get my new style they tell me oh no you get a new style every 4 months your contract is over a year now! They tell me you get one full service a month and touch ups as much as you need.

It's impossible to get an appointment I went 2 months with absolutely no appointment, they sell you on the fact that you can hang by your hair and it won't come off but yet I am doing my own touch ups every second day. Then I go the other day expecting a full service and I am told they have changed me to full service every 6 weeks! How can they do this when I pay every month and have paid my full year already and was told one per month! Then I say I don't want to pay any further and they tell me I have to give one month notice and they will cancel my service.

How can they cancel my service when I have pod the full year plus 4 additional months and my one year is not even up yet!? This is the worst disorganized place I have ever found. When I went for my initial consultation they quoted me $4,500. I couldn't afford it at the time.

I went back a few months later and they asked me do you recall what we quoted I said yeah $3,000 they accepted it! I didn't realize it until I actually went back and looked at what the actual initial quote was can you say scammers! They quoted me $1,500 more than what I actually had to pay.

And that day he asked me what I could afford to pay. I feel I was ripped off so bad.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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