I am a certified surgical technologist and have done many of the hair transplants they do. I am sure they were trying to help immeadiate problem and then go to next step.

The lazor comb stimulates hair growth. It has helped so many people. It is not an immeadiate fix. Yes some times travel is required but you should go some where that it has been done a lot.

They can't charge your credit card unless you give it to them. They help lots of people. If you see one of the top doctors in the world I will guarantee they have had complaints. There is no way to make every one happy.

It is not their fault you have a child that can't be left. People have surgery all the time and have to find some one to watch their kids.

You have to work and spend money for what you want. It will not fall in your lap.

Location: Mountain View, California

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Hcm is a very expensive hair wig


You're not a surgical technologist,you are phony..


Oh man, some random person on the internet called someone he/she doesn't know a phony! I'm going to take what this person said at their word.

I mean, if a stranger that knows absolutely NOTHING about someone can't call them a phony, WHO CAN?? Nothing more credible than someone who knows absolutely nothing about the person they think they're calling out.

I don't know anything about the person posting, but at least his/her post had substance. What do you have... Nothing?

Alright. Keep up the good work, you're going places!


HCM does Non-surgical


"You are phony" ... You mean "you are a phony?" Lol...

I know nothing avout you but I'm gonna say "you are phony." Few things are more annoying than idiots on the internet who think the keyboard at their finger tips qualifies them to say whatever they want... and think they're right.


An actual surgeon would have a better command of the English language.


I was saying the same thing because he /she is spelling words incorrectly and splitting words up and everything and that's not the professional way to reply to a customer's comment.

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