Hair club totally duped me into believing they add real hair into my own when infact it was a wig charged me 5000 dollars then forgot to tell me it's 5000 dollars a year for life what a scam they don't want to help people they just want the almighty dollar by playing on people's weekneses shame on them and humanity because no disease will ever be cured as long as it makes billions of dollars in profits d h t does not cause baldness it's a scam for us to by all there expensive hair products that we have to take for life like rogain propecia etc sugar and the pesticide riddled food we eat cause hair loss so save your money eat good food exercise daily and scratch your balding areas with your finger nails till u bleed and watch in 3 months how much hair u will regrow get the cells on your scalp thinking your scalp will skab up and will start producing new hair that's the truth

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Mount Slaven, Ontario

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