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I started with Hair Club on November 1st 2014 and I was so excited and here it is 7 months later and I am so disappointed I'm unhappy, frustrated and dissatisfied with what has occurred in the last 7 months. You promise me I will have appointments every 8 weeks and it turned out to be every 12 weeks and I'm doing all the driving I'm dealing with my hair between the 12 weeks.

its been a miserable task and it seems like you're getting the money and I'm doing all the work, somethings wrong. And when I started I was supposed to be seen every 8 weeks instead it turned out to be every 12 weeks when I asked for a wet and wavy hair they gave me recycle tango and mangled hear that wasn't human this wasn't the hair I chose nor did they give me the color I asked for I've been trying to keep it from matching it mess all day long is hard to deal with unmanageable I had to spend my lunch break is trying to get it right I'm just unhappy with the whole situation is this the way Hair Club for all their customers therefore I am requesting to cancel my contract and receive half the money that I paid find Vons phone number 66 1916 9774

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dear Sir,

I would also be pissed off if they did that to my hair. It looks as though you have a shitzu strapped to your head.

With you're features, a bald look would go well.

Hang in there brother...


Umm..it's a woman! Not a bro


lmao!! Just use Toppik, it works great!


@Anonymous only a coward would make such a post and not show their face! VERY IGNORANT PERSON!


You are a coward also for not signing in and using anonymous. Loser.


Aren't they going though enough already. You should just mind your business!!!


Your all rude


Instead of hair replacement, you should have gotten a face replacement.


Show your ugly face then ***! probably a racist on here. ***!

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